Epic Games reveals Fortnite Venom skin just in time for the sequel's premiere

With Venom and Carnage now in Fortnite, the only one that's missing here is Spider-Man.

After Epic Games confirmed that a Carnage skin awaits those who can complete this season's Fortnite Battle Pass, the studio just announced that players can start playing as the psychotic red symbiote's father as early as today.

Leakers broke news of the Fortnite Venom skin hours before Epic officially confirmed it.

It's perfect timing - and very likely deliberate - on Epic's part to release the Venom skin now, as Venom: Let There Be Carnage is set to premiere on October 1. This is just one of many, many Marvel themed promotions available in Fortnite.

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You can now play as Venom and Carnage in Fortnite

The comic book version of Venom was made available in Fortnite in the past.

While the MCU was among the earliest crossovers with Fortnite, the game has now gone ahead and made partnerships with pretty much everybody. For much of last year and earlier this year, Fortnite collaborated with several other franchises, including DC. Now, it appears that Fortnite is going back to its original partners, Marvel, with Carnage and Venom as the main highlights of its Season 8 Battle Pass.

Epic Games confirmed the Fortnite Venom skin in an official blog post with a video that showcases all the unique features of the skin.

Epic describes the Venom skin as having been "inspired by the anticipated film Venom: Let There Be Carnage". Its official name, the Eddie Brock Outfit, is already available for purchase in the Item Shop. It comes with a built-in transformation, the Venom Unleashed Emote. You may also start every match in the game as Venom if you want by simply selecting the Style in the Locker.

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In addition to the base Eddie Brock skin and the Venom transformation, the Eddie Brock Outfit also includes the Symbiote Scythe Pickaxe. You may also opt to buy the Eddie Brock Outfit individually, however if you choose to buy the bundle, you'll receive the additional comic-based Venom Outfit and the Different Tasty Snack Emoticon as a bonus.

Fortnite is also making more Venom items available outside of the Eddie Brock Outfit Bundle, including the Symbiote Trail Contrail and the Symbiotic Sail Glider.

Venom fans will probably go crazy if he ends up having a cameo in No Way Home.

Venom fans are being catered to quite a bit recently. Not only is everyone's favorite carnivorous symbiote set to star in the upcoming sequel, but Venom is also going to appear as the main villain in Insomniac Game's Marvel's Spider-Man 2, which is coming to the PS5 in 2023.

Speaking of Spider-Man, maybe Epic will consider bringing the webhead to Fortnite next? Now that Venom and Carnage are in Fortnite, it only makes sense to bring Spider-Man to Fortnite. After all, Spider-Man: No Way Home is scheduled to launch on December 17, 2021.

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