Epic confirms new Ariana Grande Fortnite skin following leak

Ariana Grande just held a concert in Fortnite, but it appears Epic isn't done with the popstar just yet.

Epic Games' recent collaboration with Ariana Grande that saw the pop star hold a virtual concert in Fortnite was a success. So much so that Epic has decided to double down.

Epic Confirms New Ariana Grande Fortnite Skin
Yes, that is Ariana Grande as a new cosmetic in Fortnite.

After dataminers found information suggesting that a new Ariana Grande skin was coming to Fortnite, the developers of the popular battle royale title have since gone on to confirm the impending release of the in-game cosmetic.

When is Spacefarer Ariana Grande coming to Fortnite?

The new Ariana Grande Fortnite skin, Spacefarer Ariana Grande, is separate from the multi-variant Ariana Grande skin that already exists in the game. The said skin also has a variant, Captain A. Grande. The Icon Series skin will also include a built-in emote, Just Keep Breathing, which will see Grande's face change from an astronaut into Starfire, complete with a black and pink armor along with a pink ponytail with a long tail. It will also come with a Spooky Smallz Back Bling.

At the moment, players can find Ariana Grande on the map as an NPC. She'll give players quests and even sing to them whenever they complete one. The pop star is hard to miss as she can be seen hopping about on a floating unicorn around the Believer Beach area. You may also complete Ariana Grande's Monster Hunter questline for 30,000 experience, which will go a long way to helping you complete the Season 8 Battle Pass.

Epic has not revealed how much the Ariana Grande Icon series skin will cost. However, when you consider what the entire bundle includes, don't expect Epic to sell it for any less than 2,800 V-Bucks.

Epic Confirms New Ariana Grande Fortnite Skin
A new Ariana Grande skin is just one of the many coming as part of Fortnite's annual Halloween event.

Unfortunately, we don't have an exact date for the arrival of the Ariana Grande Icon Series Bundle. But, it shouldn't be too long from now. Halloween is just right around the corner, and the next Fortnite update is expected to drop on October 29. The new Ariana Grande skin should drop by then, if not before.

In addition to the Ariana Grande Icon Series Bundle, Fortnite fans can also look forward to Epic releasing other skins as part of Fortnite Season 7's Fortnitemares, which includes Pharoh Raven as Graven, a new Mummy skin, and the Cube Queen. Once Fortnitemares is here, players can also complete challenges as part of the event and unlock cosmetics including the Wrathful Breakout Contrail, Raven's Curse Spray, and the Cube Cruiser Glider.

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