Elon Musk hires PlayStation 3 hacker to help fix Twitter’s search function

Twitter owner and CEO, Elon Musk, could not say no to 12 weeks of unpaid labor from a renowned hacker George Hotz.

Twitter owner, Elon Musk, has enlisted hacker George Hotz, also known as geohot, to help him fix Twitter. Hotz will work on Twitter’s faulty search function. He will also try to fix the "nondismissable login pop up that users encounter after scrolling a bit."

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Elon Musk is looking to lead Twitter into a new age and he has enlisted the help of hacker George Hotz to resolve some of the site's issues.

Hotz employment with Twitter is an unpaid internship and will last for 12 weeks. It all began when the hacker criticized the Twitter engineers who were unwilling to be part of Musk’s new Twitter following his acquisition of the social media company. Hotz then stated he'd do 12 weeks of unpaid internship at the company for the cost of living in San Francisco. When the tweet reached Musk’s attention, he accepted the engineer’s offer and gave him leave to try his hands at the problem.

Hotz came to the limelight when he hacked the PlayStation 3 and published explicit info for the Sony console over ten years ago. Sony later responded with a lawsuit. However, it was eventually settled out of court following Hotz’s promise to stop meddling with the console. The vehicle automation software engineer is also notorious for jailbreaking the iPhone’s carrier lock.

By the way, this is not the first such interaction between Musk and Hotz. Back in 2015, Hotz was in conversation with Musk for a role at Tesla. However, it never materialized because Musk kept changing the terms. At least, that was what Hotz stated during an interview with Bloomberg. Tesla, on the other hand, stated that Hotz’s claims on his tech beating out their autopilot AI were extremely unlikely.

New Color Coded Twitter Badges
Musk recently stated he is open to creating an alternative mobile device if Apple and Google remove Twitter from their app stores.

Following the encounter, Hotz founded Comma AI to prove Musk wrong and compete with Tesla’s autopilot AI, and it seems he might have found a measure of success as the company currently sells a $1,999 driver assistance system developer kit that is suitable for use with over 200 vehicles.

Unfortunately for Hotz, he seems to have promised more than he can deliver. The Twitter search function problem has been a fixture for years yet Twitter’s team of engineers can't seem to fix it. Still, this didn’t stop Hotz from claiming he can solve the problem on his own within 12 weeks.

Nevertheless, it seems the enormity of his task eventually dawned on him as he attempted to recruit other engineers to help him for free. This didn’t go down well with many of the site’s users and they were quick to register their displeasure at him. In response, the engineer stated he was only looking for feedback and not trying to get free work.

That is not all. Hotz also tried to reduce the huge expectations people have of him on the tasks. He tweeted, "If I just get rid of the pop up I still consider my internship a win. I have a Chrome extension on my laptop to block it." Given that removing the pop up isn’t the only or even the primary thing he set out to do, it will be a big letdown. Nevertheless, Hotz will require nothing short of a miracle to fix Twitter’s broken search function within three months and without any help.

In other Twitter news, Musk recently reinstated Donald Trump’s Twitter account following a poll with over 15 million people participants. Also, the new Twitter owner is introducing new color-coded badges to make it easier to differentiate accounts. And in a recent tweet, the brain behind Tesla and SpaceX stated he is open to making an alternative phone to Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android devices if both companies remove Twitter from their app stores.

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