Elon Musk confirms impending resignation as Twitter CEO

The Tesla founder will step down from his post as the CEO of Twitter as soon as he finds a capable replacement.

If you're part of the millions who voted Elon Musk out as the CEO of Twitter, we've excellent news for you. Or, rather, Musk wants to let you know that he's willing to step down as soon as he finds "someone foolish enough to take the job."

elon musk confirms resignation twitter ceo
The Twitterverse has spoken and they want Elon Musk out as soon as possible.

The billionaire entrepreneur, who actually dared to buy Twitter in October for $44 billion, has no one else to blame but himself for the oust. Ever the maverick, Musk went ahead and started a poll to ask users if he should continue running Twitter. Naturally, the masses made their pleasure known. Surprisingly enough, only 57.5% of the more than 17 million people who participated voted against him staying as the CEO of Twitter, which means around 7.3 million actually wanted him to stay in place.

Musk's statement came around 24 hours after the poll results came out. Now, all Musk has to do is find his replacement.

This is much easier said than done and could actually take a while. Keep in mind that Musk recently purged Twitter of hundreds of staff members as he effectively told employees who weren't given the boot outright to choose between his way or the highway.

Musk time as Twitter CEO hasn't been viewed positively by users of the platform. A leaker is even blaming Musk for his decision to leave the popular social media platform. We'll have to wait and see how long Musk will take to find someone else to run the entire company as he takes a backseat and focuses on other ventures.

elon musk confirms resignation twitter ceo
We're curious to find out what kind of criteria Musk will have when choosing who will get a chance to lead Twitter.

Hopefully, Musk's resignation comes sooner than later. Otherwise, we can only imagine how much more damage his Twitter reign will do to the platform and to his brand.

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