Elle Fanning to star in new Hideo Kojima game

It's "confirmed" that Kojima Productions' new game starring Elle Fanning is Death Stranding 2.

Kojima Productions' next game has attracted another Hollywood talent in Elle Fanning, who is best known for her award-winning role as Empress Catherine II in Hulu's historical and satirical black comedy-drama, The Great.

Elle Fanning Star New Hideo Kojima Game
Regardless of who stars in it, we can all expect Death Stranding 2 to be a weird game.

Kojima has spent the past week teasing fans about its next game. It all started with a QR code at the Pax Aus gaming event in Melbourne, Australia. When scanned, it brings you to a page on the Kojima Productions website where the words "Who Am I?" are printed across the obscured face of Fanning. Further down the image, you'll find "A Hideo Kojima Game X Elle Fanning," written. Kojima later implied that a third tweet will come to answer the question, "Where Am I?"

The obvious and "confirmed" answer to all of this teasing is that Kojima is working on Death Stranding 2.

Lead actor and protagonist, Norman Reedus, confirmed in an interview last year and a few months ago that work on the "second one" has already started. Death Stranding 2 still has not been officially confirmed but a recent report suggests that it's been in development for a while. Finally, a since-deleted tweet by one of the game's producers is all the confirmation that we need.

Kojima has a reputation for playing coy and confusing fans, so you can't exactly blame them for not believing anything he says. But, all signs point to Fanning's involvement in the Death Stranding sequel, which should dispel concerns that the follow-up will live up to the hype.

Elle Fanning Star New Hideo Kojima Game
Death Stranding is probably the only game where players can spend countless hours carrying a literal baby.

Having said that, we should hear more about Kojima's next project at The Game Awards on December 9.

Even if the video game auteur didn't tease it, Kojima and Geoff Keighley have collaborated so often in recent years that you can almost always expect Kojima to pop up if Keighley hosts an event.

In other news, Kojima is currently working on a new game with Xbox. It's not yet confirmed if this is the same game as the one codenamed "Overdose".

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