Electronic Arts is working on an undisclosed Major IP

As you might expect, the internet is abuzz as to what this "Major IP" is going to be and when it will be announced.

With this year's EA Play Live canceled, fans are at the mercy of Electronic Arts' next public announcement to find out which of its games are coming next and when. But, for the more eager fans out there, there's another way to find out what EA has in store.

Electronic Arts Working On Undisclosed Major Ip
There's a 99% chance that the "Partner Title" slated for a Q4 FY23 release is Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

As a public company, EA must routinely disclose its annual plans via presentations such as the Q2 earnings report it has released.

As part of the documents, EA revealed the release windows of all its games planned for FY2023, which runs from April 1, 2022, to March 31, 2023. The first on the list is Codemasters' F1 2022, which already came out on June 28 this year. Looking forward, fans can expect FIFA 23 and Madden NFL 23 on September 27 and August 15, respectively.

Then, we've got EA's Q3 slate that includes the next games in the Need for Speed and NHL franchises. This all but confirms that the next Need for Speed will come out in October, but EA could delay the combined effort of Criterion Games and Codemasters until December 31.

Moving on, the most interesting part about the updated slide is the games that EA has said it will release between January 1 and March 31 next year.

Electronic Arts Working On Undisclosed Major Ip
We're still not sure why EA didn't just go out and name the Skate reboot in its most recent earnings report.

In its previous earnings report, EA listed four games that it hasn't "publicly disclosed" and that are coming out in Q4 FY23. In the latest report, EA has named two of the said titles: Dead Space Remake and Super Mega Baseball. This leaves two unnamed mystery titles: a "Major IP" and a "Partner Title".

We have two educated guesses as to what these games could be. Most likely, the "Major IP" is Skate 4, the free-to-play reboot of the fan-favorite skating simulator series. Meanwhile, we bet that the "Partner Title" is Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. The latest rumors claim that the highly anticipated sequel will come out in March. This lines up exactly with the Q4 FY2023 release date of the undisclosed "Partner Title".

EA's next financial quarter will close on October 1. Hopefully, we will find out more about the unnamed games for Q4 FY23 by then.

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