Electronic Arts to reveal Skate 4 next month

After leaked footage from Skate 4 went rounds earlier this year, it appears that EA is ready to roll out more info about the upcoming skateboarding sim.

Hot on the heels of the sad news that Blizzard canceled the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3+4 remake, we just found out that we might get more info about Skate 4 soon.

In the meantime, you can play Skate 3 on your Xbox console via backwards compatibility.

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Tom Henderson confirmed that Skate 4 will finally materialize again two years after its first announcement. The statement is also in line with EA's recent comments about the state of Skate. In addition to this, EA has four "unannounced" titles scheduled to come out between January 1, 2023, and March 31, 2023.

Since one of these "secret" titles includes a Sports game, Skate 4 could come out by spring 2023.

EA's Skate series doesn't have quite the same pull as the earlier Tony Hawk's Pro Skater games but they've given skaters their fix for years after the Neversoft and Vicarious Visions series went AWOL after 2007. But, just like Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, Skate hasn't been seen in years. The latest installment, Skate 3, came out in 2010, albeit it is playable on the Xbox Series S/X and Xbox One via backward compatibility.

Having said that, two years following its EA Play 2020 reveal is a long time to wait and after footage of the game leaked earlier this year, a proper reveal is long overdue.

It's just sad that it took EA at least a decade to realize it had made a grave mistake with its multiplayer-centric and live-service focus throughout the 2010s.

Hopefully, EA took notes of what fans had to say about how Skate 4 looked. If the game is due to come out in early 2023, EA will have at least six months to work on the game and polish everything to make sure that it's up to snuff. If it isn't, EA will find itself with another DOA series after Battlefield 2042.

Speaking of Electronic Arts, the big-time video game publisher was notably absent from the Summer Game Fest and other gaming industry events. You'd think that EA would have just joined up with other showcases after canceling EA Play 2022. Instead, EA is nowhere to be found. But, today's news suggests that the company will share something soon.

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