Electronic Arts and Koei Tecmo are working on a Monster Hunter rival

The EA Originals title will be a fantasy hunting game set in feudal Japan.

Look out Capcom and Monster Hunter, Electronic Arts and Koei Tecmo have partnered for a "great hunting game".

The Toukiden games are a good example of what the upcoming Monster Hunter rival could look like.

EA confirmed the details about the upcoming Omega Force game in a press release. EA also shared concept art featuring a rundown temple with a centuries-old blossom tree. EA has also promised to reveal more about the game later this month.

Omega Force is an in-house Koei Tecmo studio that made a name working on mass-combat genre games, otherwise known as Musou. It's also Koei's go-to studio for its licensed spin-offs like Hyrule Warriors and Fire Emblem Warriors.

In its press release, EA reveals the joint effort will be a "truly AAA experience" with a "fantasy feudal Japan" setting. EA will publish it under the EA Originals label, which is surprising since EA usually reserves this for indie-style titles like last year's Game of the Year, It Takes Two.

Omega Force has always understood the assignment, so they deserve the benefit of the doubt.

Having said that, fans can look forward to a quality game from Omega after their work on the Toukiden series. The Monster Hunter-style games had online multiplayer where players hunted Oni (the Japanese word for "demon") in a medieval Japanese setting.

If you want a glimpse of what the new game could look like, look no further than Toukiden.

EA and Koei Tecmo are two of the largest video game companies in the world. The fact that they've banded to rival Monster Hunter speaks volumes about their respect for the best-selling franchise by Capcom. Monster Hunter: World, which is Capcom's first attempt to capture a global audience with its niche series, quickly became the best-selling game in the franchise en route to setting a Capcom record as the company's best-selling game. The 2018 title also proved that there are plenty of players interested in the hardcore mechanical gameplay of the games. Four years later and it looks like Monster Hunter is finally getting a worthy adversary.

Here's what Executive Vice President of KOEI TECMO Yosuke Hayashi had to say in the press release:

It's an honour to be partnering with EA Originals and to have the support of a team with such an incredible track record of releasing groundbreaking new games. The EA team fully embraces our creative independence and have become invaluable partners offering both development and publishing support. Adding the global resources of EA with our own and will help us introduce a new kind of hunting game to a global audience of players and expand our reach into global markets. I'm really looking forward to the day that gamers from around the world can play this new game.

By publishing the game under the EA Originals banner, EA and KOEI are promising wildly experimental gameplay.

At the end of the day, we're not quite sure what to expect from EA and KOEI's game, but Omega Force has yet to disappoint. With its experience as well as the financial backing of KOEI and EA, we might just finally see a worthy competitor to Monster Hunter.

In the meantime, PC gamers can keep themselves busy by playing these Monster Hunter-like games.

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