Electro Crystals Farming Guide for Genshin Impact

Multiple different resources can be collected in Genshin Impact. One of these resources is Electro Crystals. Electro Crystals can be used in numerous ways, including creating insulation potions. You also need to use a specific method when harvesting Electro Crystals, or else you will get damaged.

What are Electro Crystals?

Electro Crystals emit Electro Energy whenever you get close to them.

Electro Crystals are a type of material typically used for creating Insulation Potion and Oils. This crystal absorbs energy from the air, making it hard to harvest. When you stand near an electro crystal, it absorbs the Electro energy in the air and damages you, making it challenging to collect.

How to get Electro Crystals

Using Amber's charged attack allows you to break the crystals from afar.

So how do you get electro crystals? We recommend using a long-range pyro user like Amber so you can overload the crystals from afar. Any Pyro character works as well, so you can use the elemental skills of Klee and Diluc to harvest the Electro Crystals as well. However, Amber is the most suitable character for farming Electro Crystals, because of her charged Pyro attack.

Farming Locations

There are different farming locations for Electro Crystals in Genshin Impact. Some NPCs also sell Electro Crystals and we will discuss them all below.

Cape Oath

Cape Oath gives you multiple Electro Crystal Spawns.

In the Mondstadt region, you can find multiple spawns of Electro Crystals on the Cape Oath. This area can give you four to six electro crystal per spawn. You can also find several chests in this area as well.

Wuwang Hill

Wuwang Hill has three Electro Crystals on the way to the Oceanid Boss.

You can also find Electro Crystals near Wuwang Hill as well. You will find a pathway to the Oceanid Boss that has multiple spawns of Electro Crystals. Aside from Electro Crystals, you can also find Cor Lapis, which is used for crafting Unmoving Essential Oils and more.

South of Mingyun Village

You can find Electro Crystals south of the Mingyun Village.

Another area that you can use to farm Electro Crystals is south of Mingyun Village. You can get to the Electro Crystals by jumping off the wooden bridge and landing on top of the crystals. There are three Electro Crystal spawns that you can find in this area.

Yaoguang Shoal

You can find Electro Crystal pawns near the teleporter.

The fourth area you can find Electro Crystals is on the beach. You can find a teleporter near here and Electro Crystal Spawns. A Cicin Mage also regularly spawns in this area so be careful when farming the crystals.

Luhua Pool

You can also find Electro Crystal Spawns around the Luhua Pool.

Lastly, you can find a lot of Electro Crystal Spawns by the bridge on the pathway to the domain. There will be a lot of Electro Slimes in the area as well, so be sure to defeat them before farming the crystals.

Recipes that need Electro Crystals

Electro Crystals are mostly used for Insulation Potions and Shocking Essential Oil. Below are the recipes for both items.

Insulation Potion

The Insulation Potion increases your Electro Resistance.


  • 1 Butterfly Wing
  • 1 Electro Crystal
  • 100 Mora

Effect: The Electro Potion increases all your party members' resistance to Electro element by 25%. The duration lasts for 300 seconds.

Shocking Essential Oil

Shocking Essential Oil increases your Electro DMG.


  • 1 Frog
  • 1 Electro Crystal
  • 100 Mora

Effect: The Shocking Essential Oil increases your party member's Electro DMG by 25%. The effect lasts for 300 seconds.


Fischl is an Electro Character that can utilize Shocking Essential Oils.

The Electro Crystal is a resource material that can be difficult to collect. The Electro Crystal releases Electro Energy whenever you get close to it. You will need a Pyro character to overload the crystal and make it break. A long-range character like Amber will make your material farming much easier. Electro Crystal is also needed for crafting Shocking Essential Oil and Insulation Potions.

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