Elden Ring has gone gold ahead of its February 25 release

After waiting for FromSoftware's newest project for years, fans can finally rest easy knowing that Elden Ring is coming soon.

If you're one of the several hundreds of thousands of gamers looking forward to playing Elden Ring, then we've got good news for you. The long wait is finally almost over. After several delays and years of anticipation, FromSoftware has confirmed that Elden Ring has gone gold a month ahead of its release on February 25.

Elden Ring is ready for a physical and digital release on February 25.

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Not all games go gold ahead of their release dates. However, if a developer confirms that their game has gone gold, then there's little chance left that it will be delayed. The phrase denotes that the master version, from which every other copy will be based and made, is complete and ready.

After FromSoftware confirmed the game at E3 2019, the Dark Souls studio did not give updates about the game for a while. It wasn't until last summer that we started hearing more about Elden Ring. Since then, FromSoftware has steadily released new information about its latest title, with other leakers giving exciting bits of intel now and then as well.

One of Elden Ring's producers, Yasuhiro Kitao, confirmed the good news at the Taipei Game Show 2022. Kitao took time to answer questions from fans about how the development of Elden Ring is going. Before the interview ended, Kitao talked about Elden Ring's initial delay before confirming that FromSoftware is already working on a day one patch.

According to the description of the video interview, FromSoftware has been sitting on this information since December.

It's great that FromSoftware had already finished working on Elden Ring back in December. This means that the studio will have had at least three months to work on a day one patch. Hopefully, this is a guarantee that Elden Ring will work as intended at launch on February 25.

In other news, Elden Ring is part of a stacked February. In addition to Elden Ring, February will also see the release of Dying Light 2, which went gold back in November, as well as Horizon Forbidden West. Other games that are set to release this February include Sifu, Grid Legends, and Evil Dead: The Game. Also, there are rumors that FromSoftware's next project is a new Armored Core game.

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