The latest Elden Ring gameplay trailer proves the game is worth the wait

The latest Elden Ring gameplay trailer reveals a lot about the upcoming FromSoftware title.

2022 is a stacked year for video games. As several 2021 titles were delayed to 2022 on top of the games that were already scheduled to launch next year, 2022 is going to be a good year for gamers. But, despite the number of noteworthy titles launching next year, Elden Ring is probably the one with the most hype.

It's not as if Elden Ring fans needed more reasons to get hyped, but FromSoftware just dropped a 15-minute gameplay trailer for the game.

Now, fans can a better look at Elden Ring ahead of its release in early 2022, and it's safe to say that everyone is even more excited now.

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Elden Ring gets fans hyped for February 2022 release

Elden Ring is shaping up to be a much larger and more open-world version of Dark Souls.

Any game from FromSoftware is going to get a lot of hype. That's just how it is. FromSoftware has some of the most hardcore fans in all of the gaming and they're not afraid to throw the studio some love. When you add Game of Thrones' George R.R. Martin into the equation you're going to have one hell of a game on your hands, which is exactly what Elden Ring is shaping up to be.

Earlier this year, we finally got a proper Elden Ring reveal, with a January 2022 release date. In July, we learned more gameplay details about Elden Ring from Bandai Namco. Unfortunately, in October, it was revealed that Elden Ring was going to be delayed by a month to February 2022. We then found out about the Elden Ring beta just a few weeks later.

Fast forward to today and FromSoftware just revealed 15 minutes worth of Elden Ring gameplay footage.

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FromSoftware's full gameplay demo of Elden Ring delves deep into the mechanics of Elden Ring and is taken straight from the PC version of the game. It makes its Dark Souls roots very clear with the trailer wowing audiences with the vast and massive world of Elden Ring. We're treated to a random encounter between the player and a dragon, which the player fights while mounted.

If it wasn't already obvious before, the 15-minute Elden Ring trailer proves just how much bigger Elden Ring's world is going to be compared to previous FromSoftware titles.

What's next for Elden Ring?

Only time will tell if Elden Ring will live up to the expectations.

Outside of waiting for the game to release in February 2022, interested players can participate in the game's network tests that will take place later this November.

Speaking of the game's launch, the Elden Ring Collector's Edition was also revealed after the trailer. The $189.99 version of FromSoftware's upcoming title is available to pre-order from Best Buy, Target, and GameStop. It comes with a steel book with Elden Ring artwork, a 40-page artbook, a complete digital soundtrack, and the status of Melania. Buyers will also get a digital adventure guide and a bonus gesture item. However, neither of these bonuses are exclusive to pre-orders. It's also worth noting that the Collector's Edition will come with three art cards, three stickers, a woven patch, and a poster, which are the same freebies included in the game's Launch Edition. We can expect Bandai Namco to clarify which editions come with which in the coming weeks.

In addition to the Collector's Edition, Elden Ring will also come in another special edition, the Premium Collection's Edition. The limited-edition bundle comes with everything that the Collector's Edition will have along with a 1:1 replica of Malenia's helmet and a display stand.

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