Editorial Standards

Write The Truth

Xfire endeavours to seek the truth on all topics we cover and report with sincerity and fairness. All the information that we use is verified and when possible, original sources are used. We strive to never distort the truth or misrepresent facts, either by mistake or by intention, through the omission of context or facts. Should this ever occur despite our best efforts, immediate steps will be taken to correct these mistakes. If this occurs, readers will be expressly notified of such.

Writers may include personal commentary and opinions and these instances will be noted as such.

Do No Harm

Xfire writes for all and seeks to treat all readers with respect, minimizing any potential harm that may be inadvertently done by our writing, but without compromising the truth in the process. We strive to balance conveying the facts and context of the topics we cover against the discomfort or offence it may cause to some readers.

We consider the long-term implications of our content of utmost importance and make editorial decisions with this in mind. Our goal is to be up to date in our reporting, without omitting any key facts or context. In certain contexts, such as in opinion articles or reviews, the author may express personal views that do not reflect the overall views of Xfire.

We make an effort to issue corrections to published content if any errors are found. Our aims are to publish accurate, truthful and valuable content – topics that are inappropriate or sensationalised will be avoided no matter how popular.

Updating Articles

We strive to ensure that all content on Xfire is up to date with the most recent facts and news. Our team determines whether changed or updated information should be addressed by amending existing content or posting new content with the correction, depending on which option best reflects the facts within the context of the story.

For qualitative edits that only affect grammar or formatting, or other forms of edits that do not alter the content of a published piece, notices will not be added. If the content of a post is altered with new information, this will be expressly noted in the post.

Updated articles where the original content was not altered, only added to, will have clear indications of where the original content ends and the additional updates begin.

Conflicts of Interest

Our team is expected to avoid all conflicts of interest and in the event of any personal relationships that may influence coverage of certain topics, to avoid said topics. This applies to professional relationships as well. We may allow authors to continue reporting on a topic if the conflict of interest is minor, and properly disclosed, on a case by case basis.

About Xfire

You can read all about Xfire here.

Last modified on June 16, 2021.

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