Edge wants another World Heavyweight Championship run

Edge's journey to reclaim the WWE World Heavyweight Championship is not just a fight for gold but a career-defining moment.

Technically, Edge retired while he was at the top of his game. Following his injury-induced retirement in 2011, the Rated-R Superstar and Hall of Famer had to give up the World Heavyweight Championship. More than a decade later, Edge is back in the WWE and so is the same title belt that he never lost to another wrestler. Now, he wants a shot at the said title.

As much as it would be sweet to see Seth Rollins win gold again, we can't deny that Edge's story makes him an interesting champion.

Edge made a surprising return to the WWE in 2020 and he's been a part of the main event scene ever since. But, while he's constantly been at the forefront of the WWE, he hasn't really been in the hunt for gold - until now.

According to Edge, Cody Rhodes' constant mention of his story made him remember his own story, saying:

"The introduction of the WWE Heavyweight Championship, if I look at that thing, it even looks like the title I never lost.

Before his retirement in 2011, Edge had held the World Heavyweight Championship seven times - the most in WWE history.

Twice during his recent return to the WWE saw Edge get a chance to go for gold but he missed the mark both times. But, a new opportunity has arisen for the Rated-R Superstar with the re-introduction of the World Heavyweight Championship belt

The journey won't be an easy one. Edge will need to overcome a series of formidable opponents, including AJ Styles and a good friend, Rey Mysterio, in a triple-threat match to advance in the WWE Heavyweight Championship Tournament on the May 12 episode of Friday Night SmackDown.

Edge has feuded with plenty of wrestlers in his return and a year-long rivalry with Rollins for the new title belt would make RAW a lot more interesting.

Should he win, Edge will have to square off against the winner of the other triple-threat match of the night for a chance to go up against Seth Rollins at the Night of Champions on May 27.

Only by taking down Rollins can Edge add to his record tally for an eighth World Heavyweight Championship reign.

The wrestling industry has evolved so much throughout Edge's career, but his determination and grit have remained one of the few constants. Another World Heavyweight Championship win will add to his legacy and it appears fans are behind him on this one. His emotional message about getting back the title he never lost resonated with audiences, revealing his passion for the sport.

Bringing Edge to RAW by way of winning the WWE Heavyweight Championship belt and giving him a heel run is a great way to pay homage to one of his best years in the WWE.

The WWE Universe eagerly awaits to see if the Rated R Superstar can triumph in the upcoming match, earning him a new chance to reclaim the title he had to relinquish due to circumstances beyond his control.

If Edge emerges victorious, it would not only mark the culmination of his incredible career but also affirm his legacy as one of the WWE's greatest wrestlers. Then again, regardless of the outcome, Edge's place in the annals of the WWE is already secured. After all, he's already enjoyed a Hall of Fame career, having been inducted in 2013 at the young age of 39 - a record that still stands today.

With the Night of Champions on the horizon, Edge stands on the precipice of a challenge that could define his legacy.

We'll find out within the next 24 hours if it's going to be Edge vs Seth Rollins at Night of Champions on May 27 for the right to be the first holder of the new World Heavyweight Championship belt.

Until then, fans can look forward to another highlight match for Night of Champions - Cody Rhodes vs Brock Lesnar.

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