Easter Eggs

Call of Duty: Warzone nails most of the typical battle royale features, and that includes easter eggs - some apparently hinting at upcoming content.


Many interesting easter eggs have been uncovered, several of which indicate there is more to be discovered. Games these days increasingly incorporate on-going meta scavenger hunts involving in-game easter eggs, since players absolutely love deciphering these - and they make for great publicity, too. The sheer number of Destiny 2 puzzles that keep making headlines is a good example.

Call of Duty Game Media

Many of the locations throughout the map of Verdansk are callbacks to popular Call of Duty maps from the series’ history, such as Burger Town. Gameplay straight from the original Modern Warfare’s Mile High Club mission also plays on some screens at the airport terminal.


Laptops are also scattered throughout the map, and they are locked with passwords. While initially thought to be a puzzle as well, players can’t actually enter passwords, and simply interacting with the laptop results in the same canned result each time - an incorrect password being entered.

This is likely something that will gain meaning down the line as Activision updates the game. Possibly, a future feature will be activated with laptops once the “operators learn the password” in-canon.

To date, it is not known what these laptops are used for but due to recent events which include the interaction of telephones and opening of bunkers, it is assumed that the laptops are involved in further solving this easter egg since opening Bunker 11 with the help of telephones reveal an interaction where we can reboot computers.

Rebooting computers could potentially lead towards the next part of the existing Russian easter egg which might involve these laptops in one way or another. We will keep updating our article as more information is revealed.

Sealed Bunkers

The most interesting Call of Duty: Warzone easter egg discovered so far involves a number of sealed bunkers with interactable keypads on their door, allowing players to enter codes. So far, 11 bunkers have been found, one of which lacks a keypad, leading to speculation that it is the last one in a chain of puzzles.

Players have started compiling albums of bunker locations to assist a collective effort at unlocking their secrets.

As of patch 1.21, released on May 18th, 2020, the bunkers can now be opened using ">either a Red Access Card or via an Easter Egg which involves the interaction with the phones located throughout Verdansk.

Teddy Bears

Less mysterious easter eggs crop up as well. Several teddy bears have been found, including on top of a building near the hospital, and one sitting at a reception desk in another building in the Kavorsk District.


There are several usable phones throughout the map, such as the one in the Airport Control Tower. These phones don’t seem to connect to one another, however, so you can’t speak to other players through them.

As we have discovered with the release of patch 1.21, the phones are part of a larger easter egg and are used to open Bunker 11 in particular. Our complete guide on how to open Bunker 11 is here.

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