Early reactions for The Super Mario Bros Movie have been positive

The movie premiered in Los Angeles last weekend and many who got to see the film have started sharing their thoughts on social media.

The movie is a "love letter" to video games according to one reviewer.

The Super Mario Bros Movie has generated a lot of buzz among fans of the video game franchise and most appear to be on the positive side.

The upcoming animated film premiered last Saturday in Los Angeles and some in attendance have shared their thoughts on the film.

"The Super Mario Bros Movie was awesome," Tim Gettys, co-founder of Kinda Funny said. "Teared up from hype more than once. The music is the star of the show. Nintendo fans are gonna be obsessed."

He adds, "I’m not sure any movie in history has ever had this many easter eggs. And good ones!"

Film critic Deondre Aviles gave the movie a perfect 10/10. He adds, "I haven’t felt like this for an animated movie since the 2014 Lego Movie. Stunning animation, and music by Brian Tyler. It’s gonna be big. Give me the Cinematic Universe!"

Former Nintendo Minute co-hosts Kit Ellis and Krysta Yang were very enthusiastic about the film. "Oh my God, it was incredible," Yang said in a Twitter video.

Ellis notes, "Such a love letter to the whole decades and decades of Mario. This is a movie that you’re going to want to see a lot of times because it was just like, little reference, little reference, and I think we all missed some."

Tessa Smith of Mama’s Geeky states that the movie is a love letter to the game franchise. She also notes Princess Peach is a "badass" in the film.

"The Super Mario Bros Movie is a love letter to the game & lore of everyone's favorite plumber brothers!" Smith said. "Easter Eggs galore! Utilizes sound & score perfectly!"

She continues, "Peach is bada*s! The voice is addressed. Jack Black sings! Fans will flip!"

While most reactions were positive, Gizmodo’s Germain Lussier was more critical of the movie.

"I really wanted to like it but I did not," Lussier said. "A few solid scenes capture the spirit of the game but mostly it’s an overly goofy, bare-bones plot, filled with bad jokes and worse song choices. It looks great but I was more bored and annoyed than entertained."

Chris Pratt headlines the ensemble cast for the movie.

The Super Mario Bros Movie stars Chris Pratt, Charlie Day, Anya-Taylor Joy, Seth Rogen, Jack Black, and Keegan-Michael Key.

Both Pratt and Rogen have expressed interest in making a sequel and spinoffs for the movie ahead of its release.

Excited fans can watch the Super Mario Bros. Movie in theaters on April 5.

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