EA will not hesitate to ban Battlefield 2042 technical test leakers

All participants signed an NDA that carry grave consequences if broken.

Electronic Arts kicked off the limited beta test for Battlefield 2042 earlier this week. In a similar move to 343 Industries with Halo Infinite, EA is testing the waters with Battlefield 2042 before a more public beta test. However, unlike 343 and Microsoft, EA wants to make sure that none of the testers leak details about Battlefield 2042.

EA wants to keep everything about Battlefield 2042 under lock and key.

Is a public beta test for Battlefield 2042 coming?

Battlefield 2042 is the first new Battlefield game since 2018's Battlefield V.

343 and Microsoft were more than happy to let Halo Infinite media flood the internet as a result of their technical preview. Alternatively, EA is taking a strict approach and attempting to ensure that all the details of what takes place within its technical preview stay confidential.

EA is even willing to go as far as to kick violators out of the game forever.

According to EA Studios Europe's lead community manager, those who are part of the technical preview all signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement. He explained that anyone caught posting videos and screenshots, or worse streaming, can expect to lose access to "future EA tests, and potentially access to 2042 itself when it releases."

EA is clearly not messing around with Battlefield 2042, as it rightfully should not.

A lot hinges on the successful release of Battlefield 2042. EA postponed the next Need for Speed game so that multiple studios could help out with its development.

It's also the first Battlefield game to release in two years and its predecessor, Battlefield V, wasn't well-received. Not to mention, Battlefield 2042 is going up against some tough competition and apparently plans on standing out from the crowd by introducing a lot of new and innovative features.

With so much going on for Battlefield 2042, EA has every right to make sure that everything about the game is kept under wraps until they are ready for more to be revealed.

Speaking of, those who weren't invited to the technical preview or can't participate in future playtests don't need to worry. Battlefield 2042 is expected to launch very soon on October 22.

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