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EA Sports unveils the first gameplay trailer for UFC 5

Players can now begin a UFC career and rise through the ranks in the latest EA Sports UFC title.

UFC 5 is headed to consoles and PC next month.
UFC 5 is headed to consoles and PC next month.

In recent years, UFC has grown in popularity to become one of the most popular combat sports in the world. Naturally, EA Sports went ahead and made a fighting sim based on the popular brand.

EA Sports released the first UFC video game, EA Sports UFC, in 2014 to much critical and commercial acclaim. Nine years later, the video game company is set to roll out the series' fifth installment.

Ahead of its launch next month, the company has provided us with a glimpse of the title's gameplay with a new trailer.

The four-minute-long trailer opens with the voices of the series' lead producer, Nate McDonald, and the UFC Hall of Famer, Daniel Cormier. Their voices stay with us through the course of the trailer and walk us through the events. We also see some of the new and improved features of the game, like enhanced graphics, authentic damage systems, and improved mechanics.

UFC 5 aims to be as realistic and authentic as possible. Every action generates a commensurate reaction. If you throw a hard punch or kick to your opponent's face during a game session, you will see cuts and or even blood as the natural reaction to that move.

UFC 5 will also see our characters act more humanely than ever before. In the trailer, we see some of them wince after they are struck like their real-life human counterparts ordinarily would. What's more? Unlike previous versions of the game, an injury to a part of the body will render it useless such that you won't be able to use it for defense or attack.

Beyond the gameplay, UFC 5 makes great strides in the depiction of the physical features of the characters. The quality of the animation is eerily accurate and detailed from the hair and clothing to the tattoos on the fighters' bodies.

Further, UFC 5 comes with a new mode known as the Online Career mode. With the online Career Mode, players can choose a character, participate in fights, and build a career like real UFC fighters would. By so doing, your character can progress from one division to another and fight for titles across different divisions.

UFC 5 has improved in many aspects over the past three years.
UFC 5 has improved in many aspects over the past three years.

UFC 5 will also have more ways to end a fight without compromising its integrity. With this update, we will referees interrupt a fight and ensure a fallen opponent doesn't get even more beating while they are on the ground. We will also see referees pause fights to assess significant injuries

To this effect, the referee can now interrupt a fight to prevent a downed fighter from getting beat up while on the ground. Also, the referee now has the ability to pause the fight, in cases of significant injuries, so the affected player can be assessed.

You will be able to rewatch some of your fight footage in super slow motion. These include your finishing blows, blood spurts, and flesh bruises. Given its high level of violence, UFC 5 has an M rating. This is a departure from other UFC games which are typically family friendly.

EA Sports UFC 5 will have two editions – the Standard Edition and the Deluxe Edition. The Deluxe Edition will come with a few add-ons, including access to icons like Mike Tyson, Feder Emelianeko, and the Bruce Lee bundle, among others.

You can pre-order the game to get Early Access on October 24 ahead of its global release on October 27. 

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