EA is sending invites for an in-person Battlefield playtest in France studio

With EA sending invites for an in-person playtest for Battlefield, the beta period for Battlefield 2042 could be coming soon.

Fans are looking forward to hearing more about Battlefield 2042 after EA finally confirmed that it was going to release later this year. Although fans were concerned after EA pushed the game's release date back by a couple of weeks, it wasn't enough to temper their excitement for the first Battlefield game to release in years.

Fans should probably start preparing for a Battlefield 2042 beta test within the next few weeks.

Not to mention, the fandom is also excited to get into the beta test for Battlefield 2042. However, it appears that Electronic Arts is committed to maintaining its silence.

With that said, a trusted insider just leaked information that might confirm that the beta test for Battlefield 2042 is coming soon.

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Is the beta before the beta test for Battlefield 2042 confirmed?

This is one of the few times we've heard of a studio conducting an in-person playtest during the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to Tom Henderson, EA has already invited participants for an in-person playtest on September 27 through 30 in France. He expects EA to hold the playtest in its Lyon office and that invited participants could only choose to play "Battlefield", which all but confirms that this is the beta before the actual beta test for Battlefield 2042.

In-person and exclusive playtests aren't new in the gaming industry. These happen all of the time. But, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, most developers have shied away from conducting them. However, it appears that EA isn't one of those studios.

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Going back to Henderson, the frequent source of insider information added that another playtest is still happening from September 28 to 30. This time, it will be exclusive to UK and Sweden residents. He reveals that EA is asking participants to "schedule a one-hour time slot and to have a working webcam". This suggests that this will be held online among a limited number of users.

We're only two months away from the release of Battlefield 2042.

Neither EA nor DICE have confirmed this technical test, but given Henderson's track record, we can assume that this is true. In this case, it might be EA's first step towards the official beta test for Battlefield 2042, which Henderson also claims is going to happen in October. This would give EA and DICE more time to work out the kinks of Battlefield 2042 before its new November release date.

As for official information, EA's lead community manager previously confirmed that EA will share details about the Battlefield 2042 Open Beta later this month. If we put two and two together, EA might be waiting on feedback from its aforementioned limited playtests before announcing when the Open Beta for Battlefield 2042 is going to arrive.

Either way, we should know for sure when everyone will get a chance to play Battlefield 2042 soon enough.

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