EA reveals five more Specialists coming to Battlefield 2042

DICE is rounding out Battlefield 2042's roster with wingsuits, hackers, ballistic shields, drones, and smart grenades.

With only four specialists available during the open beta, those who have had a chance to play Battlefield 2042 couldn't help but feel the lack of variety. It certainly didn't help that most players gravitated towards that one guy who could run around the map with a grappling hook, which is understandable given how massive Battlefield 2042's maps are. Thankfully, DICE and EA have a solution for this, introducing five different specialists just in time for Battlefield 2042.

These are the five new specialists that are coming to Battlefield 2042 soon.

Here's everything that we know about the five new Battlefield 2042 specialists rounding out the game's roster ahead of its delayed launch.

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Emma "Sundance" Rosier

Sundance is a perfect fit for aggressive players who like to fly in and out of combat.

Sundance is an assault specialist who moves around the map with a wingsuit. She can be seen on the trailer gliding straight through a broken window to kick some ass. But, that's not all. This wingsuit-carrying femme fatale also carries a bunch of "Smart Explosives" that includes special grenade types specifically designed to take out everything from tanks to electronics and more.

Santiago "Dozer" Espinoza

Dozer is probably less of a nickname derived from Espinoza and more of a description of how he can bulldoze through enemy squads.

If flying through the battlefield isn't for you, Dozer is a more straightforward assault pick for you. His passive allows him to take less damage while he enjoys faster recovery time from explosive damage. Also, this Mexican soldier carries around a ballistic shield that lets him protect his entire frontside from incoming fire. It's not clear yet if the shield can block anything more than bullets, but if it can, then Dozer might just be the next popular pick.

Ji-Soo Paik

Ji-Soo is pretty much like a South Korean lady version of Apex Legends' Bloodhound.

Ji-Soo is a covert military expert from South Korea who can highlight pesky enemies using a scanner like a legal wallhack and a passive ability that automatically highlights any enemy that tries to shoot her from any angle.

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Navin Rao

In the right hands, Rao's ability to hack anything and everything in Battlefield 2042 can cause pure mayhem.

If Paik is a walking wallhack, Navin Rao is a literal hacker. He has a "Cyber Warfare Suite" mounted on his wrist that lets him hack other enemies and automatically spot anyone else close by. Rao can also hack in-world objects manually like pylons and windows, as well as land mines and other gadgets, as seen in the trailer.

Constantin "Angel" Anghel

Angel is more of a gunsmith on wheels.

The Romanian support pick is not a healer, by any means. Angel is a walking mule that lets him airdrop special crates for himself and his teammates anywhere on the map. Of course, Angel isn't powerful enough to let you change the specialist, but he can revive teammates much faster compared to others while giving them back a bit of armor too.

How many playable specialists are there in Battlefield 2042?

If you add in these five and Kimble "Irish" Graves along with the previously-announced Battlefield 2042 specialists, EA's upcoming premiere shooter is going to get a total of 10 specialists. However, if there's one thing that EA and DICE have made clear, it's that it's slowly doing away with pigeonholing classes to specific roles.

For example, Ji-Soo might be a Recon character, but her wallhacking ability makes her the perfect tool for aggressive players in close combat scenarios. Meanwhile, Sundance's ability to glide around the map lets her gather intel from a relatively safe distance.

It will be interesting to see how EA and DICE spice things up going forward as far as the choices for Battlefield 2042 specialists go.

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