EA renew NFL esports exclusivity deal for years to come

The multi-year deal comes on the backs of the publisher quadrupling the Madden Championship Series audience last year.

The return of the Madden NFL Championship Series (MCS) was never in doubt after the success of last year's finals. Now, it appears that EA is renewing its esports partnership with the NFL for several more years.

Ea Renew Nfl Esports Exclusivity Deal
The Madden NFL Championship Series (MCS) has grown year over year, which makes a renewal of the existing partnership pretty much a given.

According to VP of EA Esports, Brent Koning, the MCS has "helped showcase the game by elevating the greatest players in the world." Koning added that the MCS is an opportunity for Madden NFL players "to go from couch to champion." Meanwhile, the vice president of video gaming at the NFL, Ed Kiang, had this to say about the continuing partnership:

Extending our partnership with EA is another avenue for the league to grow fandom off the field and enhanced the EA Sports Madden NFL Championship Series by aligning Madden competitive gaming with NFL Moments.

Ea Renew Nfl Esports Exclusivity Deal
Despite poor performance on the PS5, Madden NFL 22 still sold millions of units worldwide.

As a result of the renewed partnership between EA and the NFL, the MCS will run in parallel with the actual NFL season. This means that the Ultimate Madden NFL 23 Bowl will be held around the same time as Super Bowl LVII next year. In total, Madden NFL players will fight over a $700,000 prize pool throughout the season. Afterward, a $1 million pot is waiting for the worthy few in the finals.

Electronic Arts' Madden games haven't had the best reputation among fans in recent years. The PS5 version of Madden NFL 22, in particular, fell out of favor among players because of its technical problems. Despite the ongoing issues, Madden NFL remains one of EA's most profitable franchises. EA might have cited FIFA and F1 2022 as the reason for its earnings from the last quarter going up instead of going down like Activision Blizzard and Sony, but we're sure Madden NFL played a role as well.

Ea Renew Nfl Esports Exclusivity Deal
Madden NFL 23 might be the series' last installment to come out on the PS4 and Xbox One.

Speaking of Madden NFL, EA announced the latest game in the football franchise, Madden NFL 23, earlier this year. The upcoming Madden NFL game will feature its namesake as the cover star after John Madden passed away last year. Unfortunately, Madden NFL 23 has an uphill climb because of its much-maligned predecessor. We'll find out more on August 19 if Madden NFL 23 will, at the very least, work.

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