EA Play Live 2021 Lineup Leaked Online

Last year, Electronic Arts were one of the many video game publishers who took to the internet to showcase their upcoming titles.

The most recent rumors suggest that EA Play Live 2021 will include an all-new video game based on the annual Miss Universe pageant.
The most recent rumors suggest that EA Play Live 2021 will include an all-new video game based on the annual Miss Universe pageant.

In June 2020, Electronic Arts held EA Play Live 2020, which wowed audiences with the full slate of upcoming titles from EA. This included everything from Star Wars titles, to Apex Legends, and much more.

Apparently, now one year later, Electronic Arts plan on hosting another EA Play Live, and its games lineup has reportedly been leaked online.

Rumored EA Play Live 2021 Lineup and Schedule

According to the latest info dump found online, EA Play Live 2021 is scheduled for June 2021 yet again. Specifically, it will reportedly kick off on June 14 at 11:00 AM EDT or 8:00 AM PDT or 4:00 PM BST and feature some familiar titles as well as newer ones.

Here is a complete list of titles believed to be part of EA Play Live 2021:

  • The Sims 5
  • Apex Legends Season 9
  • Knockout City Season 1
  • Miss Universe: The Official Game
  • Madden NFL 22
  • Kaitlyn's Journey (an episodic game and will reportedly be the first EA Originals title running on the new Frostbite engine)
  • FIFA 22
  • Battlefield 6
  • Skate

Is The Rumored EA Play Live 2021 Lineup True?

Before coming up with your own conclusions, we recommend that you take the leaked list with a heavy grain of salt. This is especially since its source is the infamous anonymous imageboard website, 4Chan. But, if it is indeed true, then it's a pretty interesting lineup, to say the least.

What's weird though is it included a Season 9 trailer for Apex Legends. Season 8 is set to end sometime during the first week of May. So, unless Respawn Entertainment plans on delaying Season 9 for a full month, it just doesn't make sense to include a Season 9 trailer for EA Play Live 2021 when it's scheduled in June.

If Apex Legends is indeed going to be a part of EA Play Live 2021, it may show off one of the big events of Season 9 instead of a trailer for Season 9 itself.

Another particularly interesting game here is Miss Universe: The Official Game, which, according to multiple resources, is a far more serious game than most of us expect. Apparently, it will be a collaborative effort between Criterion Games, DICE Sweden, Motive Studios, as well as a studio based in Manila Philippines.

The said game based on the annual international beauty pageant will run on the Frostbite engine, release in Holiday 2021, and will reportedly be used to showcase the new hair tech of the Frostbite engine.

Furthermore, the game will have a single-player story campaign where players will take control of a customizable character who is a senior student in college from Panama who will try out for Miss Universe. It will reportedly also have a Mass Effect-style dialogue system, a multiplayer mode where up to 90 players can compete against each other in scheduled live pageants and more.

With that said, apart from the Miss Universe: The Official Game, everything on the EA Play Live 2021 seems pretty standard and not out of the norm. However, it is surprising that the list of games doesn't include the next Dragon Age, Mass Effect, or EA Sports PGA Tour game. All three titles are reportedly currently in development.

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