Electronic Arts Reveal EA Play Live 2021 Date in July

Electronic Art's summer games showcase has finally been confirmed for July 22 later this year.

Ea Play Live Date
EA Play Live 2021 has been confirmed for July 22, 2021.

Outside of confirming the EA Play Live 2021 date, EA hasn't formally announced what their plans are for the show. However, considering that most, if not all, the big games showcases for 2021 have been all-digital, it's highly likely that EA Play Live 2021 will not deviate from Gamescom 2021 and E3 2021.

EA Play Live 2021 Date Confirmed

Similar to Sony, Electronic Arts has long parted ways with E3 and it seems like EA wants to continue this, at least, for 2021.

Electronic Arts took to Twitter to confirm the EA Play Live 2021 date. Normally, EA holds EA Play Live right around the same time as E3. However, for EA Play Live 2021, EA switched things up and has set the event for a little over a month since E3 2021 ended.

What Can We Expect from EA Play Live 21?

Ea Play Live Date
Even though it's wishful thinking, we're hoping that EA talks more about the next Mass Effect game at EA Play Live 2021.

Unfortunately, outside of the EA Play Live 2021 date, EA is yet to reveal any specific information about what games will be announced and/or showcased. However, considering the number of leaks and rumors surrounding Battlefield 6, it's all but confirmed that the next Battlefield game will be one of the biggest draws of the said event.

The way that we see it, Electronic Arts will probably release the first trailer for Battlefield 6 as early as this week, as per the recent leaks, or in June. Then, EA will reveal a full gameplay trailer in July at EA Play Live 2021.

With that said, EA is a diverse company with multiple studios under its belt. Case in point, in 2021 alone, EA has acquired Codemasters and Metalhead Software. This means that EA could very well include the next racing sim from Codemasters and Metalhead Software's Super Mega Baseball 4 at EA Play Live 2021.

According to earlier leaks, the EA Play Live 2021 lineup will include the likes of the long-rumored Miss Universe: The Official Game and The Sims 5, among others. Although the said leak suggested that EA Play Live 2021 would be scheduled on June 14, which we now know is not the case, it is still possible that the lineup is correct.

Of course, if the leaked lineup is true, it would also leave out some of the more recent games that EA announced and others that have been confirmed for a while. This includes EA Sports PGA Tour, Respawn Entertainment's sequel to 2019's Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Dragon Age 4, the next Mass Effect title, as well as Skate 4, and more.

At the moment, all we can do is wait for Electronic Arts to reveal more information or for July to come. But, if it's any consolation, EA Play Live's July schedule is a blessing. Set a month after E3 2021, EA will also have avoided contending with Steam's newly-branded games showcase, Steam Next Fest.

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