EA patent AI system for banning players for teaming up with enemies

Electronic Arts effectively wants to ban players from fraternizing with enemies by using a patented AI system.

Electronic Arts is going full-on old school by patenting an AI system that prevents players from befriending opponents. The "Detecting Collusion in Online Games" patent will potentially ban players for teaming up with enemies

Ea Patent Banning Players Teaming Enemies
It looks like EA doesn't want you making friends with enemies.

Exputer pointed out the system will use AI to analyze player data to detect collusion and, if possible, prevent it from happening. Mind you, if implemented, the AI will use every tool it can to finish the job. This means everything will factor into the AI and its process, including social media accounts connected to the game, chat messages, guilds, and more.


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If the AI detects a hint of collusion, it will mete out the appropriate punishment, which can be anything from match removal to suspension and bans.

According to the patent, EA might punish detected individuals automatically or the process might involve a "human or algorithmic review."

Ea Patent Banning Players Teaming Enemies
If we're being honest, the proposed AI system has practical uses if implemented properly.

As the publisher behind popular multiplayer gaming franchises like Battlefield, Titanfall or Apex Legends, and FIFA (or EA Sports FC), EA is well aware of player collusion. It even cited examples of what it believes falls under this kind of scenario and why they're working on preventing it from happening in its games. But, we can't help but worry about how quickly this all has the potential to go bad. Using AI is great but removing the human component might end up doing more harm than good.

Ultimately, we have to remember that this isn't implemented yet. Companies usually patent systems and technologies only to end up shelving them. The proposed AI could be one of them.

Speaking of Battlefield, the latest entry in the publisher's marquee shooter series recently welcomed its massive Season 3 update.

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