EA Gets The Masters Exclusivity for Upcoming Golf Simulator Title

With 2K securing exclusivity with Tiger Woods for its upcoming golf simulator title, Electronic Arts has managed to find a way to one-up them by making sure that the return of EA Sports PGA Tour makes it the only golf game on the market that features all four golf majors.

Electronic Arts' The Masters exclusivity deal secures them all four Major PGA tournament for their upcoming golf title.

Electronic Arts announced this after they obtained exclusivity for the Masters Tournament for EA Sports PGA Tour.

EA Gets Exclusive Rights to All Four Major PGA Tournaments

When it comes to golf, there are four big major PGA tournaments. There's the Masters Tournament, PGA Championship, US Open Championship, and the Open Championship. Thanks to the exclusivity deal, only EA Sports PGA Tour: Road to the Masters will feature all four events.

To say that this is Electronic Arts' response to Take-Two's recent announcement is only fitting.

For those who haven't kept up lately, Take-Two recently made a move to acquire the developers of The Golf Club franchise, HB Studios. As a result of their acquisition, Take-Two rebranded the games. They have since renamed it to PGA Tour 2K. Their latest title, PGA Tour 2K21, won the hearts of a lot of critics and fans alike.

In particular, critics loved how PGA Tour 2K21 retained the level of realism from its predecessors if not improved upon it. At the same time, fans also loved how the game added the necessary support systems to make it more accessible to players who normally don't play golf yet also managed to make the game more difficult for those who are up for a challenge.

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What perhaps really triggered Electronic Arts to try and one-up Take-Two though is their rival's exclusivity deal with Tiger Woods.

For years, Tiger Woods was the cover athlete for Electronic Art's very own PGA Tour line of golf simulator games. However, the two would part ways in 2013. Although Electronic Arts would later try and make one more PGA Tour game with another athlete in Rory McIlroy as the cover, EA ultimately decided to can the franchise in pursuit of other things.

With that said, a bit of competition never hurt anybody. If nothing else, it's the players that win out now that Take-Two and Electronic Arts will, no doubt, take turns trying their best to vie for the attention of golfing fans from all around the world.

Hopefully, Take-Two picks up Esports Boxing Club. Who knows, it might prompt Electronic Arts to bring back the Fight Night franchise.

A man can certainly dream, right?

Electronic Arts is expected to announce a release date for the next EA Sports PGA Tour game in the coming weeks.

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