EA Live 2021 Reveals and Trailers

Electronic Arts chose to skip E3 2021 to hold its own EA Live event on July 22nd, presenting a slew of upcoming games.

E3 2021 came and went, but one of the major gaming publishers skipped the proceedings: Electronic Arts (EA Games). Instead, the company held its own EA Live event, showcasing a series of games that they are releasing in the near future.

EA Play Live (Images: Electronic Arts/EA Games)

Although the presentation did not reveal any new details for its biggest IPs and titles, EA Live did show much promise for what was on display, and had one particularly welcome surprise for fans of a returning title.

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Apex Legends Emergence

Bringing in a new Apex legend called Seer, Apex Legends Emergence is the newest season for the popular free to play shooter.

In addition to the coverage in EA Live, a separate trailer for Apex Legends Emergence has been released with gameplay footage of Seer. Furthermore, the EA Live presentation confirmed the long requested addition of a ranked mode for Arenas in Apex Legends.

Apex Legends is available August 3, 2021 PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and Windows PC.

Battlefield 2042 Portal

Anticipation and interest for Battlefield 2042 was somewhat mixed, as fans were awaiting for further details. EA Live delivered just that with the revelation of Battlefield 2042 Portal.

The special mode allows players to create custom games with special scenarios that essentially brings all the different eras of Battlefield into one mash-up of conflict.

Jet fighters against WWII-era warplanes? Panzers vs. drones? Melee with combat knives vs. defibrillators? These and more scenarios are possible with the Battlefield 2042 Portal mode. Basically, any classes, gadgets, weapons, and vehicles from Battlefield 3, Bad Company 2, 1942, and 2042 are fair game.

Battlefield 2042 Portal brings everything and the kitchen sink approach to the gameplay options.

The Battlefield 2042 Open Beta is scheduled for a September 2021 release.

GRID Legends

Codemasters revealed GRID Legends, a racing game that takes a different approach. Drivers will be playing through as part of a racing team in a world-spanning circuit. There is an immersive story mode, instead of the often abstract and arbitrary reason for players to take part in the races. Players will be able to race different classes of cars against one another in various modes.

During the EA Live presentation, the Codemasters crew also discussed some details on the game's immersive graphics, particularly how they bring real life racers into the mix through technology similar to what Lucasfilm is currently using for projects like Star Wars: The Mandalorian.

This kind of technology is important in keeping players immersed and invested in the development of the story. Think of it as the modern equivalent of FMV that was used in the late 1990 to mid 2000s, in such games as Command & Conquer cut scenes.

GRID Legends is aiming for an early 2022 release.

Lost in Random

From Swedish studio Zoink Games, Lost in Random is a gothic turn-based battle adventure.

In Lost in Random the protagonist is assisted by a walking die, which is where the randomness comes into play. It plays with the tropes of rolling dice in classic board games and tabletop roleplaying. The stand-alone trailer also shows the gameplay and the in-game graphics.

Lost in Random is projected for a September 10, 2021 release date.

Knockout City – Fight at the Movies

The EA Live presentation displayed the second season of Knockout City which has a movie thematic.

The movie-themed content includes cosmetics and maps that change depending on the scene from the movie that they are inspired by. There are classic noir, science fiction, and post-modern designs in the graphics presented thus far, which look like a fun diversion from the usual tried-and-tested elements.

Knockout City - Fight at the Movies is scheduled for release on July 27, 2021.

Dead Space

Perhaps the biggest surprise and the game that is generating the most buzz is the revelation of a new Dead Space.

There is little revealed in the Dead Space presentation, but fans are excited with the prospect of an update to the game.

Although the details and the standalone trailer reveal very little, fans of the title have been very happy that Electronic Arts is revisiting this beloved franchise and science fiction-survival horror setting. What little can be gathered from the EA presentation is that the Dead Space remake will be available for PC and modern consoles such as the Xbox Series X/S and the Playstation 5.

No release date for the new Dead Space has been announced thus far.

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