EA pledges to "weeks" of bug and performance fixes for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Despite delaying the highly anticipated sequel for polishing, Respawn Entertainment wasn't able to get it flawless in time for its April 28 release.

EA sure could wish it could just force push the bugs away from Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor will be out any day now, but it looks like Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment aren't finished with it just yet.

Earlier this year, EA delayed Jedi: Survivor for more polishing so it can be released as a complete game. Many applauded EA for this decision, citing that the controversial publisher is finally learning from the several horror stories within the gaming industry.

Unfortunately, EA is still "rushing" Jedi: Survivor out the gates.

Just hours after the review embargo lifted and critics gave their two cents about Cal Kestis' return, EA confirmed that it will spend the next couple of weeks releasing patches to address the bugs and performance issues reportedly affecting the pre-release version of the game.

As predicted by some critics, EA will release a massive day-one update that will focus on fixing critical issues. Afterward, EA will drop subsequent patches will aim toward eliminating the smaller bugs while optimizing Jedi: Survivor to run more smoothly on all platforms. 

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor likely won't suffer mightily at launch if EA and Respawn Entertainment releases a massive day-one patch.

Keep in mind that Jedi: Survivor reviewers played through Jedi: Survivor without the promise day-one patch. It's possible EA can fix most of the major issues of Jedi: Survivor by the time it's out. If true, most gamers should encounter few problems at launch. However, it's still concerning that EA bothered giving reviewers "bugged" pre-release copies. EA probably didn't buy Respawn enough time to iron out the kinks, which doesn't paint a pretty picture for both parties.

While EA didn't directly respond to critics who blew the whistle on the suboptimal pre-release version of Jedi: Survivor, it's hard not to see the recent promise for post-launch fixes other than EA's effort to squash problems before they get out of hand.

But, hey, at least EA no longer has to worry about finding a way to Jedi Mindtrick audiences who unfortunately caught wind of the early leaks, right?

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