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EA and Omega Force reveal Wild Hearts in an action packed announcement trailer

This is Monster Hunter but in a fantasy land inspired by feudal Japan.

Ea And Omega Force Reveal Wild Hearts In An Action Packed Announcement Trailer

Monster Hunter-inspired Wild Hearts is a brand new title published under the EA Originals label and developed by Koei Tecmo's Omega Force. Japanese studio Omega Force is the highly talented team behind another popular title, Dynasty Warriors. The team recently released an announcement trailer giving us our first look at the game.

Wild Hearts is a new fantasy hunting game that takes you to the unforgiving hunting grounds of feudal Japan filled with nature-infused creatures dubbed Kemono. The players will be given a device called Karakuri, crafted using ancient technology to help hunt down the Kemono.

Kemono is not only restricted to hostile creatures such as the King Tusk Wild Boar, but can also be smaller and cuter flora-infused Squirrels (as seen in the trailer).

Wild Hearts takes place in a vibrant fantasy place called Azuma, inspired by feudal Japan. Once considered peaceful, the deadly Kemono now overrun the place. The creatures residing within Azuma either fight for territorial dominance or prey on the innocents.

Players can hunt the nature-infused beasts either solo or with a group of up to two friends. The game features crossplay, allowing everyone from all platforms to join on the hunt. You are not restricted to just one platform.

There's also more that meets the eye to the ancient mystical device, the Karakuri, which will be the bread and butter of the game. Players will come across this device after defeating the winter wolf Deathstalker. This is the precise point in the game where the journey to restore the natural order and balance will begin.

Apparently, the device morphs into different forms depending on how you use it.
Apparently, the device morphs into different forms depending on how you use it.

It seems the game focuses heavily on crafting as the device is used to create several different gadgets, including a glider, a giant hammer, a propeller, explosives, and more. Moreover, the game features a variety of weapons, such as a katana and a bow. Not much is known about combat mechanics, but it seems quite comprehensive on paper.

Wild Hearts will launch across PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, and PC on February 17, 2023, for $69.99.

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