Dying Light 2 story DLC delayed by a month

This is the second time that Techland has delayed the first piece of significant DLC content for Dying Light 2.

Delays are common in the gaming industry. Some games miss their launch deadlines due to development delays while others get postponed due to bugs. It looks like the first story DLC for Dying Light 2 Stay Human is going to be delayed again, reportedly due to bugs and the need for more polishing. The announcement that the DLC is delayed was made via Twitter from the official Dying Light Twitter account.

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Dying Light 2's first story will be delayed again.

The story DLC is titled Blood Ties and was originally targeted for a release in June of this year, before the game was pushed back to October. Now, Dying Light 2 owners will have to wait until November before the DLC is released. The dev team will host a live Q&A on Discord to answer questions about the game and the DLC.

Blood Ties

Dying Light Art
Carnage Hall is the setting for the Blood Ties DLC.

The first story DLC for Dying Light 2 Stay Human, called Blood Ties, is a new story adventure that will send players to the "epicenter of death." The new content is centered around "a tournament where people sacrifice everything just for status."

Players are introduced to a new area called Carnage Hall where players hone their skills to defeat enemies and win allies to obtain glory. While the DLC seems to be centered on a new game mode, Blood Ties is more than winning the tournament but also involves a plot for power and revenge.

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Carnage Hall is striking with its neon lights and opulent interior and, according to the description in the DLC,  is "filled with wealth and splendor" which is in contrast to the post-apocalyptic world outside. The old concert hall was converted into a prize-fighting arena.

According to lead designer Tymon Smektala, the DLC will have five to six hours of story gameplay along with smaller sidequests that fill out the map. Most of the DLC plot will happen inside Carnage Hall but players are free to poke around.

The new DLC introduces new gear and a new weapon called the Shield Glove. There is a new event called Spectacles where players fight a mutated horde of enemies inside an arena.

Dying Light Art
The new DLC will have five to six hours of story gameplay.

This event looks to be the Gladiator-themed event that was leaked by dataminers. Techland was forced to announce the DLC officially after it was leaked. In August, Techland revealed plans to support the game for five years with a new chapter every three to four months.

We'll find out more about Dying Light 2: Bloody Ties on November 10.

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