Dying Light 2 Developers Assures Fans Ahead of March 17 Announcement

Dying Light was one of the more surprising games of its generation. The way that it blended parkour mechanics with melee combat and set the events in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by zombies was quite unique.

Techland recently assured fans that Dying Light 2 is in development but did admit to revealing the game too early.

Even more unique was the way the developers handled the game. Techland provided constant and often-free updates years after Dying Light's release, much to the joy of players.

With that said, you can't exactly blame anyone who's been converted into a fan of the developers and their game to feel disappointed. In particular, with how Dying Light 2 is turning out to be.

If it's any consolation though, Techland, the game's developers, will provide an update on the status of Dying Light 2 on March 17. More importantly, they recently reassured fans not to worry. They guarantee that the game is still currently in development and that all the rumored development issues were not true.

Techland Says They Announced the Game Too Early

A game being stuck in development hell is nothing new. As a matter of fact, one of Techland's earliest works is a good example of this. Although they've long since moved away from it, the third game in the Dead Island franchise has switched developers multiple times already with no possible release date in sight.

With that said, the Polish studio claims in a recent tweet that the game is not in "dev hell". Instead, they clarified that the game has kept moving forward. However, they did admit that they announced the game way too early.

Techland then clarified in subsequent tweets that canceling the game is not in the cards and they don't plan on releasing the game as an Early Access title.

It's rare for a developer to be so candid with their mistakes. Most won't own up to something as silly as admitting that they announced the game too early. But, of course, this is Techland we're talking about. They haven't exactly been a stereotypical game development studio. Not to mention, Techland has continued to support the original Dying Light game with events and updates to this day.

So, if Dying Light 2 is still in development, when exactly is it going to be released?

Unfortunately, we have no answer to that. Don't expect Techland to reveal a release date on March 17 either.

Techland Community Manager Uncy took to the official Discord channel of Dying Light to confirm that the March 17 event won't have a release date announcement.

So, if not a release date announcement, what exactly should we expect from the March 17 update? Well, that's everybody's question right now. Hopefully, Techland doesn't disappoint and gives gamers a new gameplay video or trailer to chew on as they eagerly wait for the follow-up to the 2015 survival-horror title.

Of course, we're also hoping that Techland does a People Can Fly and releases a free demo of Dying Light 2.

After all, a guy can dream, right?

Ray Ampoloquio
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