Dwayne Johnson is already working on the future of Black Adam

As the popular saying goes: strike whilst the iron is hot!

Black Adam has made a killing at the box office (pun intended). While critics didn’t like the superhero flick, fans seemed to love it as shown in the audience ratings and ticket sales.

Black Adam Cover
Dwayne Johnson is already working on Black Adam's future in the DCEU.

Well, Dwayne Johnson is not just waiting around for the box office revenues to come. The Black Adam actor is already hard at work on the future of the anti-hero in the DC Extended Universe according to one of his tweets about the movie.

It is no surprise that Johnson is already working on his continued existence in the DCEU. The actor waited for over a decade to fulfill his dream of playing Teth-Adam.

The Rock has mentioned in interviews that he wanted to play the role of Black Adam since he was young. He stated, during his guest appearance on the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, that when he was first introduced to Black Adam he exclaimed, "I want to be that guy."

There is no way that Johnson would let his "once in a lifetime" character end with just one movie.

Black Adam’s next appearance

Black Adam Vs Jsa
A movie featuring Black Adam versus the JSA would be interesting.

Johnson hasn’t been shy about teasing fans regarding his future in the DCEU. However, neither he nor director Jaume Collet-Serra has confirmed anything at this point. DCEU is still without a president after Walter Hamada stepped down from the role.

Regardless, Johnson has given us some clues about his future as Teth-Adam. During the post-credits for Black Adam, Amanda Waller warned the anti-hero that she will not hesitate to "call in a favor" in case he leaves the city of Kahndaq. The favor Waller was talking about is Henry Cavill’s Superman.

We know Black Adam will not heed Waller’s warning and this will set up an eventual confrontation with the Man of Steel. This may happen in the sequel to Cavill’s Superman movie which is reportedly in pre-production.

It may also be the central plot of a Black Adam sequel. It wouldn’t be hard to imagine a plot where Black Adam has some important reason to leave his beloved city but is stopped by Superman in the process. The two duke it out until they are interrupted by some other powerful being and they end up working together to stop a catastrophe from happening.

Superman Sequel
Superman's return in Black Adam teases fans of an eventual fight between the two superpowered beings.

Johnson also teased that Black Adam will eventually fight Shazam at some point. It may be a third Shazam film or a cross-over movie similar to Batman vs Superman that will gather Earth’s mightiest metahumans.

Black Adam could also be part of a stand-alone Justice Society of America movie. Fans have been loving the JSA in Black Adam and are eager to explore more of the characters. It might be a good opportunity for Johnson to appear as the anti-hero once again.

The other big movie is the fan-requested Justice League sequel (the Snyderverse one). Fans have been speculating that DC intends to continue the Snyder version of the Justice League now that Henry Cavill is back as Superman. If Darkseid returns as the main villain, then even Black Adam needs to pitch in to stop the warlord.

There could be a number of ways that DC can work on in order to help Black Adam be one of the central figures in the DCEU as several projects are currently in development. The only thing that the studio needs right now is to appoint a president to lead DC into the next phase.

As Johnson has mentioned numerous times, this is the "new era " of the DCEU.

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