Dwayne Johnson wants a DC-Marvel cinematic crossover to happen

The DCEU and the MCU have yet to crossover, but it appears that Dwayne Johnson wants to make it happen.

If there's one megastar in Hollywood that can will things into reality, it's Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

Johnson alone doesn't have enough clout to make a DC and Marvel cinematic crossover happen, but what if he brought friends?

As the figurehead of key franchises in Disney and Warner Bros., the WWE Hall of Famer is in a unique position where he can talk to studio executives and they'll listen to him. Although it's not a sure thing yet, it appears that The Rock is thinking of a way to make a DC-Marvel cinematic crossover happen.

Is the DC-Marvel cinematic crossover real?

Gal Gadot's third Wonder Woman film is currently in pre-production.

Crossovers are nothing new in the comic industry. Even if DC and Marvel haven't crossed over on the big screen yet, the comic books are a different story. Throughout the years, we've seen writers play with audiences' fantasies and give them dream matchups between some of the most popular figures in DC and Marvel.

However, making similar crossovers happen in movies isn't easy. There's a lot of logistics involved, not to mention, money. But, if someone with a lot of clout like The Rock wants to make it happen, then who's to say it won't?

At the recent premiere event for Netflix's Red Notice, interviewers asked Johnson about a potential crossover between his Black Adam and Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman. Of course, this could certainly happen. Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman belongs in the same universe as Johnson's Black Adam. Not to mention, Johnson's Black Adam is bound to cross paths with Zachary Levi's Shazam, so his initial answer was a given.

However, what comes off as a surprise is the second part of his answer, where Johnson added that he, Ryan Reynolds, and Gadot, could make a crossover between the DCEU and MCU happen.

Reynolds is currently on a break from filming movies.

With that said, if the DCEU and MCU did crossover thanks to the efforts of Reynolds, Gadot, and Johnson, we shouldn't expect it to happen anytime soon.

Johnson still hasn't made his DCEU debut yet. After wrapping up filming earlier this year, Black Adam only just received its first teaser trailer. The upcoming DCEU film isn't set to premiere until July 29, 2022. Meanwhile, Gadot's third Wonder Woman film is still in pre-production, as is Reynolds' third Deadpool film that will finally bring the superhero to the MCU.

Hopefully, the DCEU and MCU crossover does happen. Even if it takes a decade for things to build up to it, as long as it's done right, it has the potential to make cinematic history and set records that will remain unbroken for a long time.

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