Dungeons & Dragons Online opens Hardcore Season 6

The long-running Dungeons & Dragons Online MMO opens Hardcore League Season 6, featuring permadeath and exclusive player rewards.

With Update 55.3, Dungeons & Dragons Online (DDO) will be launching Hardcore League Season 6.

The long-running Dungeons & Dragons Online MMO opens Hardcore League Season 6, featuring permadeath and exclusive player rewards. (Images: Standing Stone Games)

As with previous Hardcore League seasons, a special limited-time server will be opened that features a form of permadeath. Characters created in the DDO Hardcore server will not respawn normally and will instead be sent to a limbo until the end of the event.

Set mainly in Eberron, Dungeons & Dragons Online is an MMORPG that lets players adventure in Stormreach and other familiar D&D fantasy settings such as the Forgotten Realms, Ravenloft, and Mystara. The DDO MMO uses a modified system based on the 3rd, 3.5, and most recent 5th editions of the world famous tabletop RPG.

DDO recently added the feline Tabaxi as one of the choices for player character race.

Developer Standing Stone Games describes Hardcore League in Dungeons & Dragons Online as follows:

The Hardcore League is an experience that tests the skill of players with the ultimate penalty for failure - permadeath! The 6th season begins on July 27th and ends at 10:00 AM Eastern (-4 GMT) on October 24th, 2022.

All players will have access to the DDO Hardcore server for free. However, they can only create Level 1 characters. Even special premium DDO character classes that usually begin at higher levels will be forced to begin at 1st level. Iconic Classes will also not receive their default gear until they reach level 15.

The 3 month period that the Hardcore League server, players may transfer characters made there to other live servers. They will also have a limited period of time after the Hardcore Season ends to transfer characters (alive or dead) to other servers. These transfers will be free. However, existing characters in other servers cannot be transferred to the Hardcore League server.

Aside from the challenge of surviving the Hardcore server, players will receive special rewards by reaching certain milestones. The Hardcore server will track characters’ progress with an in-game leaderboard, tallying their performance with gaining Favor and Reaper points. Favor in Dungeons & Dragons Online acts as a form of influence with the various NPC organizations and political powers in the game. Meanwhile, Reaper Points are awarded for accumulating experience in the highest difficulty levels that gives enemies advantages and applies penalties to player characters.

Reaching certain milestones in DDO's Hardcore League rewards players with unique cosmetics, pets, and mounts.

The following are the Hardcore League Season 6 rewards:

  • 1750 Favor: Pup of the Hunt War Veteran Certificate
  • 5000 Favor: Fae Hunter's Wings
  • 10 Reaper Points: Death Walker's Cloak VI
  • 20 Reaper Points: Mount Certificate: Steed of the Huntmaster
  • Level 20: Death Walker's Sash VI

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Note that these rewards must be redeemed while the character that reached these capstones are alive. If they die before the rewards are claimed, they will be unable to do so. On the other hand, if they claim the rewards and die before the Hardcore Season ends, they will still count as having unlocked these rewards.

This will be the first Hardcore Season in Dungeons & Dragons Online that features the recent expansion Isle of Dread. Released last June 22, 2022, the Isle of Dread expansion pack introduces the mysterious inter-dimensional island filled with prehistoric flora and fauna.

Hardcore League Season 6 will be the first that includes the recent Isle of Dread expansion full of deadly dinosaurs.

Aside from the dinosaurs, the expansion also brought the Tabaxi as a playable character race. There is also a new form of item crafting using various collectable dinosaur bones and parts to create powerful weapons and gear. Finally, the Isle of Dread brings the arch-villain Vecna (who gained mainstream fame recently thanks to Stranger Things) into the world of Dungeons & Dragons Online.

More information about DDO's Hardcore Season 6 and the Isle of Dread expansion pack can be found at the official website.

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