Dungeons and Dragons Dark Alliance Updates

As the Summer of Drizzt draws closer, so does the release for the anticipated Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance. But before the full game arrives later this June, details have been provided by the game development team, shedding new light on game features and team play. However, there is also a caveat for the date of the physical release of the game. Find out what’s in store for the upcoming D&D action brawler/roleplaying game so far!


The Crystal Shard and Beyond

Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance is an upcoming single player and multiplayer action game with roleplaying elements. Set in the popular Forgotten Realms campaign world from the D&D tabletop RPG, Dark Alliance has been developed by Tuque Games since 2019.

Dark Alliance will let players control Drizzt and his companions Wulfgar, Bruenor, and Cait-sith in single and multiplayer.

The game will follow the events during and after The Crystal Shard. The adventure and the novel written by R.A. Salvatore introduced the famed dark elf ranger, Drizzt Do’Urden and his companions. The locations will be centered on the perilous Icewind Dale region. Fans of Dungeons & Dragons will be familiar with this area, as it is often depicted both on tabletop and had two games, Icewind Dale (2000) and Icewind Dale 2 (2002), as part of the Baldur’s Gate series that was developed by Black Isle Studios and published by Interplay.

Aside from Drizzt, players will also be able to choose the barbarian Wulfgar, the dwarven smith Bruenor Battlehammer, and bow specialist Cattie-brie. In single-player mode, the player can switch between the characters, while the multiplayer option can have up to four players controlling each of the companions.

Dark Alliance plays like a modern beat-em-up or brawler game, similar to Final Fight and Streets of Rage, but in the fantasy setting and with the roleplaying elements of Dungeons & Dragons. In that regard, it is reminiscent of the Capcom D&D arcade games Tower of Doom (1994) and Shadow over Mystara (1996). Aside from the standard attacks, each character will have special abilities and magic, such as Wulfgar’s barbarian rage or Catie-brie’s divine buff and healing spells. As characters gain XP, they also reach new levels (with a cap of level 20) which increases their hit points and unlocks more abilities.

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Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance is reminiscent of the earlier Capcom arcade brawlers Tower of Doom and Shadow of Mystara.

There will also be magical weapons and armor (called Artifacts) to be picked up during their adventures, which the characters can equip to improve their battle capabilities by boosting their stats or providing unique bonuses. Of course, as is the standard for such items, they will also change the cosmetic appearance of the characters when equipped.

Couch Co-Op

Although multiplayer can be played over the internet, Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance will also feature couch co-op. As the game is played from a third person perspective, couch co-op will feature split screen view. However, this feature will not be available upon release date. Instead, the couch co-op option will be included in the first DLC targeted for a summer release and will be available for both console and PC platforms.

Physical Release Delayed

Unfortunately, those looking to acquire the physical release of Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance will have to wait longer. According to the tweet in the game’s official account, the boxed sets will be delayed to July 13. However, the digital release of the game will still make the June release, as previously scheduled.

Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance can still be preordered for $39.99 for the Standard Edition and $59.99 for the Digital Deluxe Edition. The Standard Preorder will include weapon sets with a Beholder theme. Meanwhile, the Deluxe Edition will have that as well as a Lich-themed weapon set and the Echoes of War expansion content.

Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance will be released on June 22, 2021. The game will be available on Microsoft Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S, Sony Playstation 4 and Playstation 5, and for Windows PC.

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