Dune: Part Two is going to start filming in July 2022

The date that the cameras will start rolling on part two of Denis Villeneuve's sci-fi adaptation has been revealed.

Dune has been quite the revelation so far. Many expected Denis Villeneuve's live-action adaptation of the novel of the same name to do much worse than it did at the box office. The film had a lot of things going against it, chief of which is Warner Bros.'s controversial decision to release its films simultaneously in both theaters and on HBO Max. However, despite the hybrid release resulting in a couple of duds earlier this year, it didn't stop Dune from setting a pandemic record for the studio.

Dune: Part Two will start filming less than a year from now.

In total, Dune grossed $41 million in its opening weekend, effectively securing Villeneuve the second half that he was planning for before the movie was released. Shortly after the film's premiere, Part Two was made official and now we know when it's going to start filming.

How many more parts is Dune going to have?

In a year full of box office disappointments, Dune: Part One was a huge win for Warner Bros.

According to The Film Stage reporter Josh Encinias, Dune: Part Two will begin production in summer 2022, roughly a year before it's set to premiere exclusively in theaters in 2023. Encinias claims that he heard the info from one of the film's producers at a special screening and Q&A session in Los Angeles.

As of November 11, 2021, Dune has grossed a little over $85 million at the domestic box office and $247 million at the international box office. With a worldwide gross of $330 million on a $165 million budget, Villeneuve's hard work to make a live-action adaptation of the novel was not in vain. Now, he's set to return as the director for Dune: Part Two, which will release on October 20, 2023.

Despite the 155-minute runtime of Dune: Part One, one of the biggest flaws of the film was that it relied too much on world-building and introducing characters. However, now that Part One has gotten the foundations right, Part Two won't need to spend as much time introducing who's who and what's what. This should make Part Two an even better movie, especially with composer Hans Zimmer already coming up with roughly 90 minutes of new music to help Villeneuve, who is also writing the script.

With that said, it's a long wait between now and October 2023. If you're itching for more Dune, you can watch it over and over again on HBO Max until November 22. You can also check out our round-up of games based on Dune.

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