Dune 2 gets early premiere as Warner Bros. capitalize on Blade delay

Not one to let an opportunity slip by, Warner Bros. wants to take advantage of the production issues faced by Blade.

While the first Dune movie suffered from a one-year massive delay, the sequel will enjoy the exact opposite.

Dune Gets Early Premiere Scaled
Dune is easily one of the best movies to come out in recent years.

The Hollywood Reporter claims that Warner Bros. Discovery has pushed the follow-up's release date forward from November 17 to November 3. This is the second time the studio has changed the premiere date of Dune: Part Two in the past year. The sequel to the most-nominated Hollywood film from 2021 was supposed to come out in October.

The news came on the heels of Disney's recent delays to its upcoming projects, such as the final film for the Multiverse Saga, Avengers: Secret Wars, following the production delays suffered by Blade after losing its director.

Most likely, we'll hear other studios make the necessary adjustments in light of the setback by Disney.

Dune Gets Early Premiere
Fingers crossed, we'll hear more about the renewal of Legendary Pictures' deal with Warner Bros. Discovery next.

Last year's Dune was a pleasant surprise as it was a success on both HBO Max and the box office. The live-action adaptation of Frank Herberts' iconic novel ended up making $401.8 million against a $41 million budget. This gave Warner Bros. Discovery a reason to pick up the sequel and a spin-off.

We're currently waiting for the update on the earlier rumors that the deal between Warner Bros and Legendary Pictures has expired.

Funcom is working on an MMO set in the Dune universe, Dune: Awakening.

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