DualSense is getting official firmware support on the PC soon

PlayStation accidentally leaked a game-changing feature PC owners using the DualSense.

Possibly more so than the machine itself, the PS5 is noteworthy because of its controller, the DualSense. For decades, Sony stuck to the patented DualShock controller design, making minimal changes for four generations. Then, for the PS5, Sony went in an entirely new direction, and for the better.

Better DualSense support on the PC could help Sony sell more of the PS5 controller.

Despite the limited selection of games that support its haptic feedback and adaptive trigger functions, the controller has earned fans among gamers who use the DualSense on the PC. Unfortunately, using DualSense controllers on the PC isn't straightforward.

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Specifically, DualSense owners must have a PS5 console to update their firmware and there was no way around it - until now. According to a captured version of the EULA for a DualSense firmware updater application, Sony is working on making it easier to use PS5 owners on the PC.

There’s no release date mentioned, but the document is dated April 2022, so we should hear more about it soon.

For nearly two years, PC owners have wondered if Sony will release a wireless PC adapter for the DualSense. This might seem like an afterthought for most console gamers, but not all PCs support Bluetooth connections. In these cases, DualSense owners have no choice but to make do with a wired connection for their controllers.

To make matters worse, haptic feedback and adaptive triggers do not work on the PC for most games, so PC gamers are stuck with an inferior product. The application is a sign that Sony is finally doing something to fix this problem, which is a step in the right direction after taking two steps back recently.

Sony drew the ire of the PC community after announcing the PS Plus rebrand. The three-tiered subscription service that's coming in June will make streaming PlayStation games on the PC twice more expensive than before. Hopefully, the console manufacturer addresses this underrated but very important issue by June.

The DualSense offers a gameplay experience that you can't get from other controllers.

Speaking of PC support, Sony has had a change of heart in recent years. Whereas the company practiced a very exclusive approach to gaming for decades, Sony is becoming more open to the PC platform. Over the past year, AAA exclusives like God of War, Days Gone, and Death Stranding, have all made the jump, with Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection coming soon.

Not only that, but, as per the earlier Nvidia GeForce Now leak, other big games like Ghost of Tsushima and Horizon Forbidden West are all expected to follow suit. Ultimately, being able to update the DualSense is good news for everybody. If nothing else, the update should give more studios a reason to start supporting DualSense features on the PC.

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