How to Drop Items and Cards in Loop Hero

Loop Hero is a game that progresses with the player going on expeditions and getting resources. Your Hero will automatically get Cards and Equipment after defeating enemies. However, there are pieces of equipment that do not increase your stats nor help with your journey. The same thing can happen with tile cards that are currently in your hand. This article will guide you on how to remove unwanted cards and items in Loop Hero.

The Loop

Defeating enemies will give your either equipment or a card.

Before starting a loop, you have the chance to choose your class and the cards in your deck. You can unlock different classes by building structures in your campsite. You can only have a maximum number of cards per loop. However, it is recommended that you only take the cards you truly need, as the cards you pull throughout the loop are dependent on luck alone.

After deciding the deck and class you want to use, you can begin the expedition. Your Hero will automatically walk throughout the loop continuously. This loop will go on for as long as you like, and you can retreat whenever you want to. Along the way, you can spawn enemies and place tile cards that can help your Hero. Defeating enemies will give you more cards or equipment.

How to Destroy Equipment

Your inventory will overflow if there are no empty slots for new equipment.

You cannot decide what type of equipment you are going to receive after defeating an enemy. However, you can decide which ones you want to put on the Hero. The types of equipment in the game are divided into three different classes. You can hover over the equipment to see its stats and if you would like to replace the equipment you have, just place it over the appropriate equipment slot.

Once you change your equipment, you cannot revert this action, and the equipment you previously have will be replaced by the new one. This is one of the ways you can get rid of your current equipment. Your inventory will eventually fill up with items that you do not want, and your inventory will overflow. When your inventory overflows, the equipment on the 12th slot will be destroyed.

How to Remove Cards

Your hand can also overflow if you have more than 12 cards at hand.

The same mechanic applies to the cards that you get. You have a maximum of 12 cards on your hand and if you get more than 12 cards, your deck will overflow. If you do not want this to happen, we recommend placing the tiles you have and keeping watch on the first tiles on your hand. The first tiles on your hand will be the first ones to be removed and destroyed when your deck overflows.


Inventory and Hand overflow will give you extra resources that are needed for building camp structures.

Even if your inventory and equipment overflow, you can still get something from it. Excess equipment from your inventory will be turned into scrap metal. All excess cards that overflow from your hand will become Memory Fragments. Getting 10 Memory Fragments will give you one Book of Memories and 13 Scrap Metal will give you one Stable Metal.  You can use these resources to build more structures in your camp.


Keep an eye out for the number of cards you have at hand to prevent losing important cards.

Loop Hero has an automatic battle system and as a player, your goal is to shape the terrain of the loop so your Hero survives. Defeating enemies will either give you a card or a piece of equipment. Replacing your equipment will destroy the previous one you have. Both your hand and your inventory can overflow and excess card and equipment will become scrap resources.

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