Dreamlight Valley reveals Lion King realm update slated for April

The update will see the player explore the Lion King realm and bring Nala as well as Simba to the village.

Disney Dreamlight Valley has given a sneak peek into its next major content update after A Festival of Friendship, which arrives on February 16. The update will introduce the Lion King realm to the game and will arrive sometime in April. The Dreamlight Valley update was revealed during the recent Nintendo Direct event with the trailer released to its YouTube channel after.

Dreamlight Valley Reveals Lion King Realm Update Slated For April
Disney Dreamlight Valley will introduce the Lion King realm in April.

The Lion King realm update will usher in a new storyline and introduce two new characters, Simba and Nala, to the game. They will join another Lion King character, Scar, who already inhabits the valley and was introduced at launch.

The 23-second clip shows Simba and Nala in a jungle that is reminiscent of the one where Simba grew up with Timone and Pumba. The trailer then pans to a scene of them roasting bugs over an open fire after which it shows the couple roaring at silhouettes of some sinister animals. Finally, the trailer sees the characters transported to Dream Valley alongside the player character.

Dreamlight Valley’s next update, A Festival of Friendship, will arrive on February 16 and introduce the snowman, Olaf, from Frozen, as well as Encanto’s protagonist, Mirabel Madrigal to the game. Alongside this, it will introduce the Frosted Heights biome for players to explore, as well as a new Star Path to celebrate Disney clocking 100 years.

Dreamlight Valley Reveals Lion King Realm Update Slated For April
The update will see the player, Nala, and Simba fend off a group of sinister characters before departing for the village.

Dreamlight Valley is a magical dimension that many popular Disney and Pixar characters call home, including Anna, Kristoff, and Elsa from Frozen; Prince Eric, Ursula, and Ariel from The Little Mermaid; as well as Buzz Lightyear and Woody from Toy Story, who lived in harmony until their leader disappeared and magical, malevolent plants appeared that threatened them.

The game will follow the player’s character as they attempt to make a life in the Valley and help the inhabitants reclaim the valley.

At the moment, Disney Dreamlight Valley is only available in early access for players on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Nintendo Switch, Windows, and macOS platforms. However, the title will be fully published as a free game sometime this year.

Also, there is currently no definite release date for the Lion King realm update besides the fact it will arrive in April.

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