DrDisrespect Calls Warzone the Best Battle Royale

Herschel "Guy" Beahm IV, otherwise known as Dr Disrespect, is one of the most popular and entertaining streamers around. He's also someone whose opinion you can respect as far as battle royales go. This is considering the fact that he's gone through his fair share of titles in the past. This includes the likes of Fortnite, Apex Legends, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, and Warzone.

Warzone isn't Dr Disrespect's first battle royale title, but he does seem to think highly of Activision's take on the genre.

However, in a recent stream, Dr Disrespect goes on to throw praise towards Call of Duty: Warzone, going as far as to refer to it as the "funnest battle royale out there".

Why Dr Disrespect Thinks Warzone Is The Best

The popular YouTube streamer has been constantly switching between Riot Games' Valorant and Activision's Warzone in recent streams. The main reason why he switches between the two is that each title offers a distinctly different shooter experience that works for him.

In a recent stream, one viewer claimed that "Warzone is dead and CoD players are hurting". This comment then prompted Dr Disrespect to reply. He then went on to explain why he thinks that Warzone is the best right now.

In his reply, Doc explains that he knows what he's going to get when he's playing Warzone. He says that he gets the "funnest BR out there" from Warzone.

Although he did admit that Apex Legends was "cool", he explained further that Warzone has everything. He refers to it as "fast paced, you know what you're getting, you're landing hot, you're constantly getting engaged".

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He refers to the experience as a "fix" that makes it the best battle royale title out there right now as far as fast-paced shooters go.

Doc then also explains why he prefers to play Valorant opposite Warzone. He says that it's a "good contrast" and it lets him get the "full-spectrum", perhaps alluding to the more tactical experience offered by Valorant as opposed to Warzone's chaotic action.

This is quite a surprising take considering Dr Disrespect was recently banned from participating in a Call of Duty: Warzone tournament. This means that, despite his issues with the game, he seems to genuinely love playing it.

What's Next for Call of Duty: Warzone?

Flooding Verdansk with zombies seems like the perfect excuse to nuke it, as the rumors suggest.

Raven Software has already started setting Call of Duty: Warzone up for the next big update to come.

In a recent blog post, Raven Software sent out new Emergency Alerts warning players of a possible contagion for Verdansk. Although the warning did not explicitly confirm the arrival of zombies in Verdansk, the words "withered", "exhibiting a cadaverous appearance" and "lacking in contrastive cognization function" were used.

This goes in line with the most recent rumors that Activision is set to replace Verdansk with a new map in April.

If that is indeed true, then Verdansk being overrun by zombies seems like the perfect set-up to introduce a new map. At the same time, it will also give players who prefer a more PvE experience something that they would want in a zombie-ridden Verdansk. At least, before they decide to drop a nuke and blast it all to kingdom come.

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