Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot DLC - New Features

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is a unique take on the Dragon Ball Z universe. Most of the video game adaptations of the franchise are in the form of fighting games, as you would expect.

However, Dragon Ball Z Kakarot is an action RPG that retells the anime's story from the Saiyan Saga up to the Buu Saga. The first DLC, A New Power Awakens - Part 1, added the Battle of Gods Saga. The second DLC, A New Power Awakens Part 2, has no release date yet.

Bandai Namco had been very quiet in terms of updates on the progress of the second DLC. However, they have placated restless DBZ fans with a free card battle mode for those who own the game. This was met with surprise by fans and critics.

While the card game is entirely different from the main game's campaign, it is very entertaining, and also includes a multiplayer mode. Dragon Ball Z Kakarot, prior to the card game, had no multiplayer component.

Kakarot gameplay scene

While the complete exclusion of a multiplayer mode was initially met with disappointment by players, DBZ Kakarot still received high praise for its quality gameplay. The single-player campaign is one of the best in recent years - another nice surprise since licensed games are not known for their excellent gameplay!

The main addition of the second DLC 'A New Power Awakens Part 2' is the new horde battles between the Z Warriors and the Frieza Force. These horde battles will have the Frieza squad fighting against the Z warriors. The Z Warriors are able to combine their attacks into a super-powerful blow through the "Z Combinations".

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Dragon Ball Z Kakarot is available for purchase on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC Via Steam. The first DLC is now available and can only be acquired by either purchasing the Season Pass or the "A New Power Awakens Set" bundle. While the second DLC is not yet available, you can purchase it in advance using the aforementioned methods too.

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