A Dragon Age Netflix series is reportedly in the works

At the risk of sounding like a broken record with all these video game adaptations that Netflix has going on, it seems that another video game adaptation is in active development.

BioWare made a name for itself by producing some of the best narrative-driven RPGs in video game history.

Not only is Netflix working on a Dragon Age TV series, it is reportedly already in active development.

The studio's work on Mass Effect and Dragon Age has long piqued the interest of gamers who wanted to see how the games would translate to the small or big screen. Although a movie adaptation of Mass Effect was reportedly in the works, the project has since been scrapped to make way for a possible TV series.

Now, it looks like BioWare's other big RPG is set to join its sci-fi brother in gracing the small screens.

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Is Netflix working on a Dragon Age TV series?

The last Dragon Age game was released in 2014.

Dragon Age just barely missed the cut on our list of the best LGBTQ games. The series was BioWare's more fantasy-oriented take on a story-heavy RPG. Unlike Mass Effect, where you had to save the entire universe from impending doom with a story told across three games, the tale of Dragon Age is more grounded.

Each Dragon Age game revolves around a different set of events, but all of them are set on just one planet. Nevertheless, the games were a huge hit and a fourth is reportedly in development.

However, according to Giant Freakin Robot, Netflix might have just decided to pick up Dragon Age as the next video game franchise to receive a TV adaptation. The report states that the Dragon Age TV series is in active development over at Netflix, which is surprising considering that neither Netflix nor BioWare has announced it yet.

If the TV series is indeed in active development, we should receive word about it soon. In particular, if it is an animated adaptation, similar to Castlevania, or if it's going to be a live-action adaptation like The Witcher.

What is Dragon Age?

It will be interesting to see which Dragon Age game Netflix will adapt into a TV series or if it will tell an entirely original story.

BioWare's fantasy action RPG game series, Dragon Age, takes place on Thedas. Thedas is a fictional continent on a planet where both magic and advanced technology exist. The series tells stories of a vast and mystical world that is currently 7 games deep (3 main games and 4 spin-offs). The latest installment, 2014's Dragon Age: Inquisition, received over 150 year-end accolades and nominations from reputed gaming publications.

With there being nearly a decade separating the last Dragon Age game and its sequel, it makes sense for BioWare and Electronic Arts to greenlight a video game adaptation on Netflix.

In recent years, Netflix has made it clear that it wants to be more than just a streaming platform. In addition to having an entire suite of video game series planned, Netflix also hired Mike Verdu to spearhead its move into the gaming industry before announcing that it will start with mobile games.

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