What Are The Weaknesses Of Dragapult Pokemon?

Dragapult is a Generation VIII, dual-type Dragon / Ghost Pokemon. Its head looks like a stealth bomber with its body resembling that of a gecko. Dragapult’s body color is mostly teal which darkens into navy black starting from its back all the way to its head. It has airplane wings for ears and sinister yellow eyes.

Being a Generation VIII Pokemon, Dragapult only had its first appearance recently, in the 43rd episode of the main Pokemon series, Pokemon Journeys: The Series, which aired on October 30, 2020.

Dragapult is one of the strongest Pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Shield. It is found in the new region of Galar. Galar is an exotic location and home for newly introduced Pokemon. The base stats of Dragapult are only inferior to legendary Pokemon giving it a moniker as a Pseudo-Legendary Pokemon.

How to Obtain Dragapult in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Dragapult cannot be found in the wild. For a player to obtain Dragapult, he must evolve a Dreepy into a Drakloak and finally into a Dragapult.

Dreepy is found in the Lake of Outrage. In order for players to access this area, they must have unlocked the bike upgrade that allows them to cross waters. Dreepy has a very low chance of spawning: 1% in Overcast weather and 2% during a Thunderstorm or Fog.

Once Dreepy reaches level 50 it evolves into a Drakloak. Ten more levels later (or at level 60), the Drakloak can then evolve into Dragapult.

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Weaknesses of Dragapult

Since Dragapult is both a Dragon and Ghost-type Pokemon it will receive more damage from the following moves: Ice, Dragon, Fairy, Ghost, and Dark types (200% more). Dragapult will take less damage from Fire, Water, Grass, Electric, Poison, Bug, Normal, and Fighting-type moves.

The damage Dragapult receives from Fire, Water, Grass, Electric, Poison, and Bug-type moves is halved. Dragapult is totally immune to Normal and Fighting-type attack moves.

While Dragapult is weak against all Ice, Dragon, Fairy, Ghost, and Dark-type Pokemon, it is especially weak versus the following specific Pokemon:

1. Tyranitar


Tyranitar is another Pseudo-Legendary Pokemon that is a dual-type Rock/Dark Pokemon. Tyranitar is a dinosaur-like Pokemon and has an armor-like hide with two pairs of pointed teeth. Tyranitar basically looks like a fat Godzilla. Due to Tyranitar's Dark-type moves and equal rank with Dragapult, the latter is truly vulnerable to the former's attacks.

2. Hydreigon


Hydreigon is a three-headed dragon-like Pokemon and is also another Pseudo-Legendary Pokemon. Hydreigon is a dual-type Dark/Dragon Pokemon which makes it double the threat to Dragapult. Hydreigon is one of the most violent and destructive Pokemon and attacks indiscriminately. While it has three heads, only one of them has brains!

3. Togekiss


Togekiss is a dual-type Pokemon Fairy/Flying Pokemon. It is a white bird-like Pokemon with a round body and a pair of small feet which is opposite in size to its extra-large wings. Togekiss, being one of the most powerful Pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Shield, is a natural nemesis of Dragapult because of its type.

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