Dozens of GTA 6 videos have leaked online following alleged Rockstar Games hack

Several of the videos show a very much in-development game that is most definitely Grand Theft Auto 6.

Update: Take 2 Interactive has started issuing take down requests for the leaked content, on platforms such as YouTube. This confirms that the hack is real. As noted below, we will not be sharing any links to the material.

99% of all that GTA 6 leaks that you find online are fake. Something tells us that this recent one isn't.

Dozens Of Gta Videos Leaked Online
Lamar Davis took the words right out of Rockstar Games' mouth.

A GTAForums user just dropped the motherload of GTA 6 info after they claimed responsibility for a recent Rockstar Games hack that yielded some 90 videos straight out of a GTA 6 test build using the source code and assets from both "GTA 5 and 6".

If this is an elaborate ruse to try and fool people, then it's quite believable. And, if it is true, Rockstar will have its hands full. Now that the cat is out of the bag, we suspect that Rockstar will find it very difficult to try and contain everything.

At the moment, the screenshots and clips have spread all over the internet, from YouTube to Reddit, and pretty much everywhere else. We will not be sharing links to any of the stolen media.

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These seem to be the key takeaways from what was made public:

Dozens Of Gta Videos Leaked Online
We're curious to find out how Rockstar Games will respond to this massive leak.

One of the videos shows the player-character, Lucia, robbing a waffle restaurant and taking hostages with an accomplice, Jason. It shows a meter counting down "Time Until Cops Dispatched", which reminds us a lot of the robberies in Red Dead Redemption 2. It's a very rough scenario with placeholder dialogue text and a recycled Cop Car from GTA 5 with VCPD, which likely stands for Vice City Police Department.

In another piece of footage, we can see the male player-character conversing with a couple of redneck associates involved in some very on-brand dialogue.

There's also a video showing "passenger shooting mechanics" with a player shooting down pursuing police cars with an AK-47. Another sequence takes us to a strip club where we see a notification: "WhatUp! message received", which is a parodies the popular messaging app, WhatsApp.

Dozens Of Gta Videos Leaked Online
It appears that the female lead for GTA 6 will be named Lucia.

As we've already mentioned, a fake this huge requires a herculean effort; we don't think anyone out there is willing to put in the necessary amount of time and work to fool the internet. Who'd fake both the action and the code running at the same time, anyway? We know that this is GTA we're talking about, but we'll be giving the internet too much credit if we deny that these are true.

Grand Theft Auto 6 is currently in development. Take-Two Interactive expects GTA 6 to "set creative benchmarks" for the entire entertainment industry.

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