Dota Dragon’s Blood Book 2: Trailer, Premiere Date, and More

Dota: Dragon's Blood teases the possibility of a second season (if not more) after ending things on a cliffhanger with a critically panned but otherwise highly successful debut on Netflix. But is it enough to guarantee a second season? What exactly happened in the first season? More importantly, how successful was the premiere of Dota: Dragon's Blood on Netflix?

Book 1 of Dota: Dragon's Blood introduced fans and non-fans to Terrorblade, a demon that other demons know not to mess with.

Read on more below to find out everything we currently know about Dota: Dragon's Blood Book 2.

How Did Dota: Dragon's Blood Book 1 End?

Selemene's death at the hands of Terrorblade as part of his bargain with Invoker will likely play a huge role in the events of Book 2 and future installments.

Dota: Dragon's Blood Book 1 mostly revolves around the story of the Dragon Knight, Davion, who finds himself somehow capable of transforming into a legendary fire-breathing dragon named Slyrak the Ember Eldwurm. Early on in his journey, Davion crosses paths with the Princess of the Moon, Mirana, who seeks a couple of missing thingamajigs known as the Lotuses, that somehow got stolen from the Temple of Mene.

The story later on introduces Luna, a devoted follower of Selemene and the leader of the Dark Moon Order, as Daviod and Mirana find themselves in the middle of a war that's much bigger than they initially thought.

All the while, a sage named the Invoker, who they thought was on their side, had struck a literal deal with a devil in Terrorblade. In exchange for the soul of the cruel but beloved moon goddess, Selemene, the Invoker will give Terrorblade the souls of the Eldwurm.

By the end of Book 1, we find that the different tribes we've seen featured throughout are all at odds against each other. The elves, for one, are unwilling to yield and talk peace. Meanwhile, the Dark Moon Order seeks a new purpose with a new leader in Mirana and Selemene now gone. However, both are ignorant of the growing threat brought about by the new power dynamic.

With Selemene gone and Terrorblade expected to become even more powerful as Invoker promises him the 7 dragon souls (one of them is in Davion), it'll be interesting to see how the world bands together Terrorblade's plan on causing wanton mayhem on the material plane.

Terrorblade, as per Dota 2's lore, is described as "an outlaw hellion whom even other demons fear". He supposedly broke "every law of the seven Infernal Regions" and was sent to Hell's own version of Hell. There, he was sentenced to gaze into a twisted reflection of his own soul for all of eternity. But, instead of repenting or going insane, he befriended his worst self. Now, he intends to use his newfound power to "turn his terror loose upon all creation".

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Was Dota: Dragon's Blood Book 1 a Success on Netflix?

Dota: Dragon's Blood premiered on March 25, 2021 on Netflix and, so far, the show has been a success on Netflix. It quickly made it into the Top 10 list in nearly 50 different regions of Netflix.

Although critics have not been as forgiving of Dota: Dragon's Blood, it's clear that there's enough demand for it.

Given the numbers it has pulled so far, Valve and Netflix might tap Studio Mir to produce a second season to keep the ball rolling, or so to speak.

Will There Be a Dota: Dragon's Blood Book 2?

Unfortunately, Netflix has yet to renew Dota: Dragon's Blood. However, it's all but a sure thing as of now. The global popularity of the anime based on the Dota 2 universe makes it highly likely that we're going to see a second season if not a third one soon. Plus, we can't just ignore the fact that the first season is literally titled Book 1, which suggests that there's already more planned.

Where Could the Story of Dota: Dragon's Blood Book 2 Go?

In case you missed it, there were glimpses of the Radiant and Dire extending their influence shown throughout Book 1 of Dota: Dragon's Blood. It's safe to say that we'll see more of these scenes in Book 2 as the anime sets up the eventual War of the Ancients that much of the central characters in Book 1 will find themselves participating in the future.

The more obvious plotline though is Davion and the rest of the crew dealing with the aftermath of Invoker and Terrorblade's deal. As Terrorblade has already upheld his part of the bargain, with Invoker now in possession of Selemene's soul, it is now up to Invoker to deliver Terrorblade the 7 dragon souls that he seeks so he can dominate the world.

When is The Dota: Dragon's Blood Book 2 Premiere Date?

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According to Robert Meyer Burnett, who works as the animation editor for Dota: Dragon's Blood, he's worked on as many as 24 episodes so far. Since we've only seen 8 air, this means that there are 16 that are already finished or in the works. This also suggests that we could see a Book 2 and Book 3 release soon if the subsequent seasons each have 8 episodes as well.

Unfortunately, we don't know just how long audiences will have to wait for Book 2 of Dota: Dragon's Blood.

Assuming that the numbers make sense for Netflix and Valve, we should probably see Book 2 premiere sometime in 2022. An early announcement of a late 2021 release would make a lot of sense for Valve as well. Doing so would help them generate a lot of hype for Dota 2. This will come in very handy as they prepare to host the 10th iteration of the record-breaking The International tournament later in August 2021.

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