Doom 3 VR Edition Is Coming to the PlayStation VR

Did you ever think that a 2004 title would be announced as the next big PSVR title? Probably not.

Doom 3: VR Edition is arguably the most unlikely PlayStation VR game to release so far.
Doom 3: VR Edition is arguably the most unlikely PlayStation VR game to release so far.

However, much to the surprise of everybody, that's exactly what happened when Sony revealed that a completely VR version of the horror first-person shooter, Doom 3, will be made playable on March 29.

The PSVR version of Doom 3 will apparently include everything that has since been released for the game. This includes two expansions in Ressurection of Evil and The Lost Missions, both of which will be available in VR as well.

What Is Included in the PSVR version of Doom 3?

Bethesda Softworks' Associate Content Manager, Parker Willhelm, described what the Doom 3: VR Edition will include.

As already mentioned earlier, the VR edition will include all content. It won't come with any new content either. However, new to the game is a VR mechanic wherein players will be able to put on their PSVR and start playing Doom 3 as if they were the Doomguy, the man, who in-game lore claims, is literally too angry to die.

Doom 3: VR Edition will let players peer around corners, angle their shots, make quick half-circle turns, and check out a wrist-mounted display that shows them everything from their health, armor, and even ammo.

Doom 3 was originally released back in 2004. The game was developed by id Software with Activision serving as the publishers. It was first released on Microsoft Windows before being ported over to Linux and Mac OS X operating systems a year later, with an Xbox version being made available just soon after.

It will be the second Doom title to make receive a VR edition following 2017's Doom VFR.

More VR Titles Headed to the PlayStation VR

With the follow-up to the original PSVR still ways away, it seems like Sony wants to keep players of the current-gen PSVR satisfied.

In addition to Doom 3: VR Edition, there are a number of VR titles that will make their way to the PlayStation VR as well. This includes After the Fall, which is a follow-up to the zombie VR shooter, Arizona Sunshine.

Another sequel that will be available soon on the PlayStation VR is I Expect You To Die 2, which is an escape room VR title that promises to build on the spy-themed puzzles that made the 2016 title so popular.

Other lesser-known PlayStation VR titles are also coming this year. This includes Fracked by nDreams, which is an action-shooter that features traditional duck-and-cover combat with a healthy mix of players riding on a ski.

Moving on from shooters and stressful games, we have Song in the Smoke by 17-Bit. The VR survival title will have players crafting, hunting, and scavenging to survive as they explore a mysterious new world and will feature mechanics like archery.

Last, but definitely not least, the Kickstarter-funded anime-influenced MMO, Zenith, as well as its high-tech fantasy world, will both be making their way to the PSVR. It will reportedly let players climb to and glide from the top of structures, as well as feature a tweaked version of conventional RPG combat that's specifically adapted for VR.

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