Don't expect any new Star Wars games this year

In a surprising move from a game publisher, EA has officially confirmed that there won't be any new Star Wars announcements until 2022.

While Disney+ can barely hold all the new Star Wars shows coming to the streaming service, the Star wars video game drought that fans have been subjected to since EA got the license continues. Players were fired up by rumors about Star Wars titles being revealed at EA Play on July 22, but in a bold move the publisher has just shot down those rumors.

What's more, EA's official Tweet - their chosen method of delivery - outright states that we shouldn't expect any new Star Wars video game news until 'next year'. Considering we're still just in July, that's a bit harsh.

Many fans agree that EA misused or wasted the Star Wars game license, with their notable output consisting of two Battlefront games, Jedi Fallen Order, Squadrons and continued support for SWTOR. At the very least, we can all agree that they didn't use the license to its fullest potential.

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Disney has noticed this too, and while we are mercifully freed from EA having exclusive rights to the property, the other game companies that get to develop Star Wars content only recently began their projects, which won't come to fruition for a good long while yet.

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SWTOR is getting a new expansion in December - which is the only new Star Wars video game content to look forward to this year.

Star Wars: Squadrons was the last EA release in the franchise, launching late last year to critical acclaim and praise from the fandom. Squadrons was a smaller, more humble release that was developed in less time than most AAA games, and considering the positive reception this format seemingly fit well, and many assumed EA would realize this and switch gears to finally capitalize on one of the biggest multimedia properties in human history.

The fact that we're not getting any new games announced - let alone released - this year at all seems to put that flicker of hope to rest. Maybe other companies who now have access to the Star Wars property will fill this gap in the market?

EA Play, woefully without Star Wars, takes place on July 22 and ostensibly will focus on Battlefield 2042.

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