Dominik Mysterio wants to win a WWE Championship

If we're being honest, Dominik Mysterio, as currently presented, would make for the perfect heel champ as the WWE Heavyweight Champion.

Dominik Mysterio, the young and talented third-generation WWE superstar, has made waves in the professional wrestling industry. After feuding with his Hall of Famer father, Rey Mysterio, Dominik has done an excellent job being one of the top heels of the wrestling promotion. But, notoriety and infamy are just the start for Dominik. He apparently wants to win himself a championship, specifically targeting Gunther's Intercontinental Title.

Dominik Mysterio's alliance with The Judgment Day has done his character development in the WWE so well.

Dominik made his champion aspirations known in a recent interview with G-Moiny, where he explained why it's time for him to get a belt:

Man, I would love to hold some titles, whether it’s singles gold or tag team gold. I know Finn and Damien just recently beat the Undisputed Tag Team Champions in Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens, so there’s definitely a shot there. And even GUNTHER, man, I don’t know if I’d take him one-on-one but if we can get a triple threat match going, somewhere I can sneak in uh… or I can sneak in a victory maybe, I don’t know. Who knows what the future has in store for ex-con Dom. We’ll see.

It's crazy to think how fast and how well things have gone for Dominik Mysterio.

Ex-con Dom is the persona Dominik is trying to portray right now after he supposedly got locked up in prison for his recent string of "criminal" behavior.

Of course, just because Dominik wants to make a championship match happen, this doesn't mean he'll get it.

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A match against Gunther, who's reportedly part of WWE's plans to update its history books, will likely not go in his favor. In addition to the sheer size difference, there isn't a build-up between him and Gunther just yet. But, Dominik could've had a shot at the WWE Heavyweight Championship belt if his name had been put in for contention.

It's unclear what the WWE has planned for Dominik as he's still technically in a feud against his father and the rest of the Latino World Order as part of The Judgment Day.

Dominik Mysterio could be the heel champion that his father never could be.

However, Triple H has an easily explainable inclination for heel champions, which is why some believe AJ Styles will triumph over Seth Rollins at Night of Champions. But, if the WWE really wants to lean into the villainy angle, Dominik could get the World Heavyweight Championship belt. At the same time, his on-screen partner, Rhea Ripley, reigns over the women's division on RAW as the Women's Champion. Finn Balor and Damien Priest could end up taking the RAW Tag Team title belts from Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens with Solo Sikoa and Roman Reigns potentially getting the SmackDown variant from the reigning champions.

This is purely speculation and will probably not happen, but it's at least worth considering.

If Dominik insists on taking on Gunther, he'd need a ton of help from his stablemates, who aren't above breaking the rules inside the ring.

Dominik Mysterio holding on to any title belt in the WWE would bring him even more heat than he already has.

It's unclear who Gunther will feud against next after his match against Mustafa Ali at the Night of Champions on May 27. But, a brawl between The Judgment Day and The Imperium isn't the worst ideas.

Whether or not Dominik will get his title shot, it's clear that Dominik has set his goals high as he forges his own path and cements his place in WWE history outside of his father.

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