Division 2 devs accidentally lock themselves out of the game

The scheduled update for Ubisoft's critically-acclaimed third-person shooter was recently delayed due to the gaff.

Ubisoft has constantly been adding new content to The Division 2, but not every content drop has gone smoothly. Case in point, Season 11 of the popular looter shooter was supposed to come out on February 7 but Ubisoft delayed it to a later date. Apparently, there's a very good if funny reason for it.

Division 2 Devs Accidentally Lock Themselves Out Of The Game
The devs broke the game while trying to deploy a fix for a known issue.

Ubisoft has recently announced that the start of Season 11 has been pushed back due to a "localization issue." The game developers tried to fix the problem but "brought down the build generation system" instead, which made it impossible to deploy a fix until the system has been rebuilt.

"Dear Agents, last week, we shared news that the season would be delayed due to a localization issue," the development team announced. "This past Saturday, in the process of creating the update which would resolve the issue, we encountered an error that brought down the build generation system for The Division 2. As a result, we cannot update the game until this system has been rebuilt."

The development team intended to extend Season 10 until the new content can be deployed. Unfortunately, the devs could not deploy the update until the generation system is restored.

"We are working to resolve the situation as quickly as possible," the team added. "We have made good progress over the last 96 hours and have been able to restore critical aspects of the system and will share the timeline for resolution when available. We deeply appreciate your understanding and patience and will share our in-game compensation plan details soon."

Fortunately for players, the devs sorted out the issue and took the server down for unscheduled maintenance. During the downtime, the team was able to deploy the fix to extend Season 10.

When the server was back up, Ubisoft announced that it has successfully deployed a server-side update. Players can now continue to play the Season 10 content until the team is ready to launch Season 11 of The Division 2. Ubisoft confirmed that it will be sharing more details about the upcoming season and in-game compensation for the delay.

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 still has a huge community playing the game and more even came after Ubisoft released the game on Steam.

Ubisoft is currently developing The Division Heartland, a battle royale-style spin-off. This new extraction shooter will be a PvPvE game mode similar to Call of Duty’s DMZ mode. The game will be set in a new location in the heart of the US.

The Division Heartland has received several delays and it is unclear when the game will be released.

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