Disney teasing new Star Wars game reveal for this December

The new "Bring Home the Bounty" Star Wars promotion will host a ton of reveals this December, one of which looks like a video game.

Update: The Bring Home The Bounty website has been updated, and the icons for Week 11 and Week 12 have been flipped. With Boba Fett's helmet as the icon of Week 12, that now clearly indicates the premiere of the Book of Boba Fett, with the High Republic lightsabers now on Week 11.

Disney just kicked off a new Star Wars multimedia promotion spanning the 12 remaining weeks of this year, full with announcements, product launches and reveals. Called "Bring Home the Bounty", the promo is mainly themed after The Mandalorian and the upcoming Book of Boba Fett shows. Among the reveals, it seems like we'll be getting a new game.

The whole promotion is set up in a sort of extended Advent calendar format, with one reveal for each week. The first, current promotion is an on-going sale on various officially licensed Star Wars products that are somewhat related to The Mandalorian, including figures and props from Hasbro or sets from LEGO that adapt characters or objects seen in the show.

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All of the as-of-yet unrevealed weekly promos are 'hidden' behind some kind of icon, most of which are helmets or the heads of popular characters, with some exceptions - there is a Gonk droid, a 50th anniversary logo for Lucasfilm, and curiously some lightsaber designs that have so far only appeared in The High Republic media set for the final reveal at the end of the year - could there be a High Republic movie in the works?

Much less ambiguous however is the icon for Week 10, which will be revealed on December 14; a generic video game controller. It isn't even stylized to look like it fits into the Star Wars universe, it's just a regular controller outline. Based on some official information as well as various rumors, an impending video game reveal is likely.

Mandalorians, video games, The High Republic - there is a lot to look forward to.

After years of EA having practically exclusive rights to the Star Wars IP in the realm of gaming - and infamously mishandling it by all accounts - Disney has loosened the deal and cut in more publishers and developers. As far as officially known info goes, Ubisoft is working on an open-world Star Wars title, while Aspyr is remaking Knights of the Old Republic. Rumors, meanwhile, suggest that Quantic Dream is also making a game directly based on The Mandalorian.

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Our best guesses are that in Week 10 of Bring Home the Bounty, we'll get official confirmation of that last rumor - since the whole idea behind this promotion is to stick to The Mandalorian as a unifying theme, it seems like the most logical outcome.

A while ago some footage made the rounds online billed as an alleged game based on The Mandalorian, and while this was later proven to be a fan project, the overwhelming excitement it garnered showed how hyped fans would be for such a title. At many points, the show already felt like a video game - there were side quests, the protagonist upgraded their armor as they completed missions, recruited other characters into their party, and the overarching plot is a long escort mission.

Of course, it may also end up being an announcement of Ubisoft's title, or just additional footage and information from the KotOR remake. We say "just" in relative terms, because we'd definitely be hyped up for more KotOR.

Revan is coming back - but the reveal might be about a new game entirely.

Speaking of The Old Republic - BioWare's still running Star Wars MMO is getting a major expansion this holiday season titled Legacy of the Sith. Since SWTOR is also celebrating its 10th anniversary, with the anniversary celebrations to kick off in December with the launch of the expansion, Week 10 in Bring Home the Bounty might align with that. Could Disney just have spoiled the release date for Legacy of the Sith?

Between the 50th anniversary of Lucasfilm, the 10th of SWTOR and all of these announced and unannounced games being cooked up, it definitely seems like the next few weeks will be busy for Star Wars fans - and the next few years even busier with all the releases that will follow. In any case, whichever reveal it ends up being, keep an eye out for new Star Wars video game news in December - provided it doesn't leak, first!

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