Disney+ series National Treasure canceled after one season

It was already a difficult task for Disney+ to adapt National Treasure to the small screen even before considering the absence of Nicolas Cage.

It seems National Treasure: Edge of History couldn't survive without Nicholas Cage, as Disney+ has decided to axe the show after just one season.

According to a report by Deadline, National Treasure: Edge of History has been canceled after its first season, following in the footsteps of another Disney+ show, Turner & Hooch, which also went on the chopping block after just one season. The show, based on the National Treasure film franchise featuring Nicholas Cage and Diane Kruger, premiered in December of last year and received mostly negative reviews from both critics and audiences.

The premise of the Disney+ original show revolves around Jess Valenzuela, a twenty-year-old woman protected under the DACA program, residing in Baton Rouge. Upon discovering that her late father was a member of a secret group of treasure guardians, Jess sets out to unravel her family's secrets. Alongside her companions, she also embarks on a quest to recover a lost Pan-American treasure.

Justin Bartha and Harvey Keitel reprised their roles from the film series, although the latter only had a brief appearance. The original executive producers, Jerry Bruckheimer, as well as Marianne and Cormac Wibberley, reassumed their former roles, while Jon Turteltaub, who directed the first film, returned as a producer.

While the Disney+ series didn't fare too well, the film franchise has built enough goodwill to still receive a proper revival. All the films have combined earnings of $806 million against a production budget of $230 million.

The long-gestating third installment, which was initially announced in 2008, can still happen despite the recent bad news.

The last National Treasure film was released in 2007.

According to Bruckheimer, he plans to have the original cast members come back. The new script has since been submitted for approval to Nicholas Cage last year, but there has been no update regarding his decision. Additionally, there's little info about Jon Turteltaub's involvement in the project, and no director has been attached to the film yet.

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